Changing Colors of Holi in Bangalore


Holi in BangaloreHoli in Bangalore, Colors Image source Shutterstock

This was my fourth Holi in Bangalore and each Holi is becoming more colorful in the city. First year, I was looking for anyone who would play Holi and simply could not locate anyone. At max, people would exchange a sophisticated ‘Teeka’ and offer some Mithai. It almost made me feel as if by choosing to be in Bangalore, I probably have to let go of my favorite festival.

Next year, I saw a few people in my apartment complex playing Holi, but since I was new in that place and did not know anyone, I did not participate completely, though I did go and exchanged the customary Gulaal. This was one notch better than the previous year.

Third year there was a nice Holi in Bangalore, played in the apartment, though no Mithai accompanied. We played for quite some time with all kinds of colors and water, but participation still remained voluntary. This year I did not miss Holi.

Come fourth year, that is this year and this week, I had a memorable Holi. Around 10:00 AM, we started hearing ‘Rang Barse’ at the loudest possible volume, strong enough for everyone to come out and peep out of their balconies. A huge music system in the middle of the apartment complex was playing the song and inviting people. Within few minutes, there were enough people there to invite the rest. There were lots of colors around and water pipes to play it the ‘Holi Way’. Within seconds of reaching the center, you would be assured of having at least 4-5 colors on you. As people got drenched in colors, they started dancing with the music and this invited the rest of the junta to come down and join. There were few still not willing to step out and for them small ‘Tolis’ were formed which went and fetched the rest of them, and if not roped them in, at least colored them enough to remember the Holi. After sometime there was a Halwai who was made fresh Samosas and Jalebis. Can you imagine Holi, Music, Dance, all your neighbors and piping hot Jalebis and Samosas…and just when I though what else do you need in life to have a perfect happy moment, the Radio Mirchi team reached there with their ‘Wow Women’ campaign and made us play some funky games and gave away the goodies. Probably someone sometime in the history would have designed Holi to ensure this kind of Masti in every life at least once a year.

The Holi has arrived …I am already looking forward to the Changing Colors of Holi in Bangalore the next one.