Sunday Shot – Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat in the seas at golden hour, photographed at Goa
Fishing Boat in the seas at golden hour, Goa

Fishing boat, sailing in the Arabian Sea in the evening as the sun goes down is an enchanting sight. Do not miss the backdrop of stationed ships at the golden sunset hours of photography.

Seascape shot captured at Caranzalem beach in Goa with the silhouette of fishing boat dramatically changing the perspective of the scene. You can see young boatmen cum fishermen fishing for their evening meals at this non-touristy beach next to our home in Goa. While Sunset and beach photography are popular themes themselves, an attempt has been made to capture the scene devoid of Sun and the silhouette of fishermen in action. The waves add their own dimension and character to the image. Serene moments to please the eyes of viewers. These are common scenes by the seashores of India that can be beautifully captured and great locations to practice some photography skills.

Some every day joys of living in this Sunshine state.


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