Where The Walls Tell Stories – Tambekar Wada, Vadodara

Tambekar Wada - Wall Murals Once upon a time our walls were our art workshops, our prized possessions. All that we cherished was painted on them. We lived in the middle of those designs that...

Glory Of Gaikwads – Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

Laxmi Vilas Palace is the first thing that you are told to see when you visit Vadodara. We saw its precincts many times while driving across the city. Its imposing arched gates stand next...

Ahmedabad Heritage Walk – City Walking Tour

Like Delhi and Hyderabad, Ahmedabad also has an old city at its core that still remains to an extent in a time warp. Visiting these old cores takes you back in time when these cities were born...

Colorful Furniture Of Sankheda, Vadodara, Gujarat

Sankheda is a small village located about 45 km's South-East of Vadodara. This is a usual Gujarati / Indian village but for the fact that many families here produce a certain type of wooden...

Rendezvous With Indus Valley Civilization At Lothal

Once upon a time life in Indian subcontinent flourished on the banks of River Saraswati. Ancient urban centers with well-planned cities are still being discovered in and around Saraswati and its tributaries for more...

Review: The Divan’s Bungalow, Ahmedabad

Whenever I plan the trip, there is an attempt to see if I can stay in the older parts of the city – as I have always lived in new areas of most cities...

Historic Pavagadh Hill, Gujarat – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Champaner and Pavagadh Hill are the words – I always heard together. It was one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites of India that I had not visited. So I planned my Gujarat...

Sun Temple Modhera or मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर

 मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर कर्क रेखा पे अपने ईष्ट देव की और मुहँ बाये कमल पट्ट पे खड़ा  मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर   पुष्कारणी में माला से गूँथे हैं छोटे बड़े मंदिर जिनकी छवि से हैं खेलते जल जन्तु कच्छ और मच्छ   सभा मंडप...

Heritage Sahastralinga Talav, Patan, Gujarat

Just behind the gorgeous Rani ki Vav lies the Sahastralinga Talav. A structure if intact would have been equally good if not more gorgeous. It pre-dates the Rani ki Vav and was another water...
Rani ki Vav Patan Gujarat

Legacy Of A Queen – Rani Ki Vav, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rani ki Vav – an ornate step well or stepwell that a queen had built in the memory of her husband, is the 2014 UNESCO world heritage site entry from India. There are many...

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