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Top view of Savdav Waterfalls

Monsoon Road Trip Across Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

Monsoons road trip is one of the most romantic things to do. If you live on the Konkan coast like I do, then it has to be on your list to do every monsoon....
Painted wooden boxes at Sawantwadi Palace

Sawantwadi – Art Mart Of Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

As soon as you cross the northern borders of Goa, you are in Sawantwadi. If you drive between Mumbai & Goa, you cross Sawantwadi. Even if you take a train it makes a stop...
Amboli Ghat, Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India

Amboli Ghat – Kingdom Of Waterfalls In Western Ghats, Maharashtra

Amboli Ghat is a small part of the lush green Western Ghats that is a bio-diversity hotspot of India and the world. However, during monsoons, the way they come alive and mesmerize anyone passing...
Bhau Daji Lad Museum Mumbai

Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum – Celebrating City Of Mumbai

How many times have you seen a museum dedicated to a city or celebrating the diversity of a city? I do not recall any, so, I was very happy when I landed at Bhau...
Understanding Ajanta Paintings

Understanding Ajanta Paintings At Cave No 1 – UNESCO World Heritage

Ajanta Paintings draw a lot of tourists to Ajanta, Maharashtra. Anyone who has visited Ajanta Caves and seen mural paintings there can but be in the awe of these caves. The caves are not only an...
Gandhi Ji's Room at Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

Mani Bhavan – Mahatma Gandhi’s Imprint In Mumbai

We were driving back from Banganga we saw a board announcing Mani Chowk. I asked my cousin if this is where Mani Bhavan is – he said yes and parked the car right there. Very...
Ancient Banganga Tank Mumbai

Banganga Tank – Ancient Heritage Of Mumbai City

Banganga Tank area is probably one of the oldest living areas of present day Mumbai. Spaces that have been inhabited for a long time hold a special charm for me. I feel these places...

Exploring The Street Art In Bandra, Mumbai Cityscape

Suburbs of Bandra in Mumbai offer a unique mix of rustic heritage villages and the glamor of Bollywood. On one hand, there are Gaonthans - as the villages of Mumbai were called and the...
view of Satara city from the hills at dusk

Satara City Of Seven Stars – Heritage, Waterfalls, Biodiversity & Lakes

Satara City Landscape Satara City is surrounded by seven hills. The Seven hills defining the boundaries of this small town in Maharashtra give it its name – Satara. Metaphorically, it was also the capital city...

Thoseghar Falls – Waterfalls Of Satara, Weekend Getaway From Pune

Thoseghar Falls - Satara's Monsoon Wonder The best part of our trip to Satara and Kaas was the Thoseghar Falls. The roaring Thoseghar Waterfalls vie for the attention of both your eyes and ears as...

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