Mawphlang or Indigenous Terra Madre, Shillong, 3-7 Nov 2015

Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, Shillong – Local voices, Global Audiences

This year the world comes to Meghalaya for International Mei-Ramew (IMR 2015) or as the world calls it Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM 2015) as global gastronomical specialists join the aborigines of Australia, Amazonian Indians,...

Wettest place on Earth – Cherrapunji

Cherrapunjee also called Cherrapunji, is best known as the wettest place on earth, and so we studied in our geography lessons. The image that we have is of a place where it is constantly...

Exploring Shillong & Around

Meghalaya – the name means the abode of clouds and there was not a moment when we did not see a cloud in the sky and this was not even the rainy season. It...

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