Sunday Shot – Indian Jezebel Butterfly

Indian Jezebel Butterfly
Indian Jezebel Butterfly

Indian Jezebel Butterfly also known as common Jezebel, scientific name Delias eucharis, seen here sucking the juice of wildly growing Lantana Flower. It is one of the most common butterflies seen in India. Red, Yellow, Black and White colors form beautiful and distinctive patterns on the wings of the butterfly. What a beautiful creature.

Lantana flowers are well known to attract wide variety of butterflies. If you want to have your own private butterfly garden, let the Lantana plants grow around your house and butterflies will soon follow. You do not need to do much to grow Lantana – it is a wild widely growing plant with multiple flowers and pretty much fends for itself.

This image was captured at the fields of Taliegao, Goa. One can find a variety of butterflies in this area during the post monsoon season. All that one needs to do to photograph them is have patience and follow them until they land on one of these flowers.

I photograph and post the natural beauties like birds and flowers. You may see here White-bellied Sea Eagle bird in-flight, Purple Heron bird in-flight, Slender Billed Gull bird in-flight, Brahminy Kite bird in-flight, White-throated Kingfisher bird in-flight, Little Egret bird in-flight, Caesar Weed Flower and Common Kingfisher bird.