Tel Aviv - a happening city

How A Destination Joins A Wish List – A Case Of Israel

I must have first heard of Israel in the pages of my geography books in school. Confession – I have no memory of it except that I knew there is a country called Israel. After...
Sketch of a Peranakan Home

Peranakan Museum – Celebrating Diversity Of Singapore

Peranakan museum celebrates a unique culture – a culture of mixed ancestry, a culture where a lot of us can find bits and pieces of our own culture. A culture that belongs to many...
Ayutthaya at Night

Ayutthaya – Things To Do In Thailand’s Ancient capital

Ayutthaya is the enigmatic erstwhile capital city of Thailand. Ayutthaya stands on an island created by the three rivers – Chao Phraya, Lopburi & Pa Sak River. The rivers are almost like a natural...
Thiruketheeswaram temple Sri Lanka

Ramayana – Places To See In Sri Lanka

Ramayana related sites are scattered across Sri Lanka. Author Harsha went on a Hanuman trail - retracing the journey of Hanuman from Hampi in India to Sri Lanka. He writes about the Shiva temples, Ravana temples & places related to Sita Devi from Ramayana that he saw in Sri Lanka. After reading this, I am tempted to go for on Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka.
Aqaba Street Art

Aqaba, Jordan Visit And Adventures At The Red Sea

Trade had been the biggest connector of civilizations since known history. Every era had its trading hubs and the world kind of revolved around them. In our age, these centers are New York, London,...
Art Trail at Changi Airport, Singapore

Discovering Art Trail At Changi Airport, Singapore

Art Trail at Changi Airport is an offbeat thing to do in Singapore, specially of you are flying out of Terminal 3. There are modern art installations by contemporary artists from various countries - interpreting the travel in their own way and in their preferred mediums with sculptures like Birds of flight, Going Home, Wings of Mexico.
Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum – Wanderings In The Magnificent Landscape Of Arabian Desert

Wadi Rum - the desert of Arabia in Jordan, best for Lawrence of Arabia, the Arab Revolution and the Bedouins who live in tents here. Take a drive or a camel ride through the Wadi Rum Desert and discover the landscape that resembles the Mars Surface.
Skyscanner Cakes

Hotel Ibis Singapore On Bencoolen – Review

Ibis Hotels in my mental image stands for basic business hotels. I missed a chance to stay at Ibis Delhi earlier this year but as luck would have it, I found myself enjoying the...
Singapore Souvenirs

Top 10 Singapore Souvenirs For You To Pick….

Singapore Souvenirs are not too difficult to find. You can find them just about anywhere – outside any tourist attraction or in any shopping mall. The trick is to find interesting and unique souvenirs,...
Amman Roman Theater Side View

Amman Roman Theater, Jordan – From The World Of Ancient Theaters

Amman Roman Theater is one of the most beautiful heritage sites in Jordan Amman. My first view of this lovely Roman Theater was from the hill on which Amman Citadel is located. As I roamed...

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