baseball game at houston stadium

A Game Called Baseball – Houston, Texas

Baseball Stadium Image Source - Shutterstock Baseball is one of those games that Americans identify themselves with. I had always heard about it. But did not have any idea of what the game is all about...

NASA Space Center – Places To Visit In Houston

If you do any search on Google about places to visit in Houston, NASA Space Centre tops the list every time. It’s a huge space center located towards the south of Houston. You can...
Vegetarian Food Houston

Vegetarian Food in Houston

Finding vegetarian food in Houston was not impossible, but it was definitely a task. Being a vegetarian brings its own challenges when you live in the western world, or should I say anywhere outside...

Writing workshop at Houston

I have been in Houston for about three weeks now and these three weeks had been pretty active doing various things that I intend to write about, but this was probably the most interesting...

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