More Veggie Food in Houston


Vegetarian Salad Houston

Continuing my exploration of Veggie food in Houston, these are the new places that I tried:

1.Kiran’s: Probably the best Indian food that you would get in Houston, great ambience, located close to Galleria in a prime hub of the city. The chef comes around and meets people and gives a very personal touch to the whole thing. The quality of food was good along with the inviting presentation of the food.
2.Lupe Tortillas – A popular Mexican chain, but an absolute NO for vegetarians, they tried to prepare something for us but failed miserably. Though I liked the ambience, quite authentic Mexican with hat lamps on each table.

3.Bombay sweets at Hilcroft – The usual chaat / Mithai and food shop in Indian areas anywhere. The whole feel of the place is ‘ Oh I can finally smell some familiar food’, and ‘ I can speak my language without having to explain what it means’ and ‘ I don’t have to ask ‘ Do you have anything vegetarian in your menu?’’. Chaats are ok, but I would recommend going only if you are really missing them?

4.El Imperial, FM1960 – An Okie dokie Mexican joint. Nothing great and nothing bad, you will get the typical Fajitas and Nachos and Salsa and Enchiladas.

5.Jason’s Deli – You have at least three soups to choose from, all of which are good, and you can couple it with some tomato-basil pasta.

6.Shehnai – A good Indian restaurant , with a usual Indian set-up and usual Indian menu

7.Thali, US -59, – An authentic Gujarati restaurant, with good food. The spread is huge and the best part is the owner serves the food himself and like a host he insists on you to try various items and keep son insisting on taking some more. You almost feel you are a guest at someone’s place rather than a restaurant. You must have Pooran Poli, if you are there.

8.Cold Stone – The creamery with amazing names and pictures of ice-creams. I did not find ice-creams any different though

9.Mediterranean, Galveston – Amazing food, must visit for anyone visiting Galveston

10.Adelitas, Kuykundel Road – A low end Mexican joint, but good food. They do not fry their Quesdillas like most other mexican joints.

Bon Apetite…enjoy your Veggie Food in Houston.

PS: Veggie Salad Image Source – Shutterstock