Weavers in bylanes of Yelahanka, Bangalore

Weavers in Bangalore
Weavers in Bangalore

I am on vacation for 3 weeks, and this time is giving me time and space to go to places within Bangalore, that I could not otherwise visit. I am able to meet some amazing people doing some amazing work. I came to know that there are Chiffon weavers in Yelahanka and one day this week I just marched towards that other corner of the city. A friend helped me with the directions and beyond a point she said, you have to ask and reach out. So once I reached the old Yelahanka town, I had to park the car and walk through lanes and lanes and ask some 10-12 people before I could hear the sound of weaving machines and I peeped into one of the doors. Interestingly not many people in the neighborhood knew about this place or may be I was not able to communicate properly due to the obvious language barrier.

Weavers in Bangalore
Weavers in Bangalore

Following the sound of the machine, as I approached the door and tried to open it quietly, a lady and gentleman working there took their eyes off the threads they were holding and looked at me with a question in their eyes. I smiled and said I want to see the weaving and they asked me to come in. There was a curtain cloth being woven and a Silk Sari being woven. I observed them for sometime, but my limitation with the local language did not allow to me ask many questions. They told me there are many such small units spread across that area. I walked a bit and then I heard lot of rhythmic movements of many such machines and I realized they were coming from a narrow lane. I walked into that lane, and everywhere around it looked as if I have entered someone’s house and I was not wrong. Two gentlemen came out and thankfully they could speak and understand Hindi, and I told them that I want to see chiffon weaving. They took me around and explained me the process. I was not aware of the fact that most of the raw material that comes to these units for weaving is sourced from China, as Srinivas explained me that the local material is costlier than the Chinese one. All the units in that area are owned by one family and they produce thousands of Saris every month along with the fine materials like crepe, chiffon and various types of silks.

After this he asked me what would you like to buy and I said ‘Nothing’, and I could see a bit of disappointment on his face, so I called up my neighbors and my mother to ask if they would like something. Needless to say they wanted everything and I did end up buying a chiffon sari and some Crepe material. It was quite an experience in itself to search the weavers and see the small weaving units.


  1. I used to go thru Yelahanka daily. It was on the way to college.. This was for 4 years.. Never knew this existed..
    Can you give more details on where it is in Yelahanka..

  2. Nice one. I remember visiting this section of Yelhanka way back and found the same very fascinating, If it were abroad, they would have sold it as a cultural and tourist destination. Like the cheese factories of Netherlands. Wish we could do the same.

    • Ami, you are in Bangalore, start taking tours of people to these places. You would be doing great service to both the weavers and the travelers, and may be make some money in the process.

  3. Your post was exactly what I was looking for.. if you could recall the location in yelahanka could you share the information.. I would like to go