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Ancient Shiva Temple at Bisrakh

Bisrakh – Ancient Village of Ravana In Greater Noida

Bisrakh gets its name from Rishi Vishwashrva, which must have been distorted over time. We better know him as the father of ten-headed Ravana,...

International Destinations

Grand Janaki Mandir

Janakpur Dham – Venue Of Ram Janaki Wedding

Janakpur Dham is the ancient capital of Mithila. Today, it falls within the political boundaries of Nepal, but culturally it remains an integral part...

Travel Stories

Best Ferry Rides Around The World and India

Ferry rides are not new. Waterways have been the traditional mode of transport world over. Remember the Noahs Ark or Matsya Avatar story that talks about a boat. As the other modes of transport...
Scenic Road Trips in India

Most Scenic Road Trips In India

Road trips in India are my favorite way to travel. On a road trip, you can see the transition from one place to another. You notice the subtle changes that take place as the...
Diver at marine site of Dwarka

Underwater Archaeology In India – Ocean Of Opportunities

Anuradha: Namaste! today we have Dr. A S Gaur who is a marine archaeologist. I first discovered underwater archaeology when I visited Dwarka. I read a book by Dr. S R Rao who has...
Stone Carved Bowl at Odisha Temples

11 Temple Prasad You Must Taste In India

Temple Prasad is the divine food that you get in temples across India. It is the food that we offer to the deity, who blesses it merely by coming in contact with the food....
Chand Baori - Abhaneri, Rajasthan

Jal Shakti – Resurrect Indian Reverence For Water Resources

Giving water to the thirsty earns you instant Punya or merit – so told our grandmothers. Travel across India and you see this as a living tradition, where clay pots filled with water are...
Bandhani Sari in Zari

Sona Rupa – Zari Making Or Kalabattu In Varanasi

Zari is what makes the Silk Saris precious. The golden or silver embellishment adds weight and grandeur to the naturally shimmering fabric. In the good old days, it was manufactured using pure precious metals...
Life under water in the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

10 Best Fishing Destinations Around The World

Most of us have dreams of touring the world while having various fishing excursions. But most of us also have fantasies of experiencing fishing in the wilderness. To dream and to plan are two...

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