Indian Destinations

Jain Kashi - Moodbidri

Moodbidri – Exquisitely Carved Ancient Jain Temples Of Karnataka

Moodbidri is an ancient Jain temple town located just about 35 km from the coastal town of Mangalore in Karnataka. We all know about...

International Destinations

Budi with his Guitar at Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul – Most Beautiful Island Of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Sand islands of Pasir Timbul at Raja Ampat in East Indonesia take you to a dreamland with their magical hues of blue and the pure white sand.

Travel Stories

IndiTales Travel Quiz - Rivers & Cities

Incredible Indian Two Or More River Bank Cities

IndiTales Travel Quiz - Rivers & CitiesEarlier this month we asked you to tell us which cities in India are blessed with more than one river. We compiled your answers and created this blog...
National Symbols of India

National Symbols Of India – Travel To Discover

Symbols of India - Lotus, Tiger, Mango, Ganga, Peacock and of course the Tricolor - all the symbols that come together to define India.
Himalayan highs

A Zestful Ride Through The Himalayan Highs

They say the Himalayas call you back. I understood this in last one year. I spent two weeks in Lahaul-Spiti valley in Himachal last year. Soon after I was invited to Gulmarg. My year...
Every traveler needs to come back home

Why Travelers Must Come Back Home…

They say travel makes you appreciate your home the best. You come back home with new eyes and see your own space in a new light. You come back to the comfort of things...
Sail ship in the ocean

Top 10 Sailing Phrases We Use Everyday

Sailing phrases kept popping up recently as I was reading two books simultaneously on sea adventures. One was on maritime history and another on the first Indian solo circumnavigation under sail. I happened to...

Travel Tips

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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