Thoughts On The Last 5 Years Of Blogging


5 years of bloggingToday I complete 5 years of blogging. I try to look back and see how this blog has evolved and how it has helped me evolve. With an average of little more than one post per week, I think I have been consistent enough in my postings. I have a small set of readers who read most of what I write. And usually come back and tell me their thoughts. Without getting into the details here are some random things, in no particular order, that I experienced in last 5 years of blogging.

Lessons from 5 years of Blogging

Public Profile

  • When you blog, you attain a bit of a public profile. People know you more than you think they know. Even when you are very cautious about not writing anything personal.
  • Regular readers know your thought process so well that they can read your emotions even in a non-emotional post too.
  • Appreciations and counter views keep you going. Though you always wish for the former, you often do not mind the latter.
  • Once you have a good Google ranking, you can tell people who want to know who you are, ‘Google me’. You have an established virtual identity.


  • As you keep writing, your observations improve and you start looking at things not only for your understanding but also from the point of view of sharing it with your readers. And this is evident in the average length of posts which is steadily going up.


  • There have been a fair amount of proposals to work that came my way through my blog.
  • I did undertake a few writing assignments that came via the blog route. I did some book reviews for a business magazine. Recently did a talk show for AIR on travel writing.
  • During a business meeting, someone kept looking at my business card and finally asked me if I am the same Anuradha Goyal who blogs. When I said ‘Yes’, my credibility level suddenly went up and the person had ‘I know you’ attitude after that.
  • A school time batchmate of mine when discovered that the blog belonged to me was so thrilled. As he was a regular reader but somehow could not relate the name and the face till I put my picture on the blog. Disadvantages of having an awfully common name!
  • In all the 5 years, there was only one post where I wrote about my feeling down and I was amazed at the support that came from my readers, all of whom showed that they cared.
  • Someone, after going through my blog said looks like you have too much time on hand to do all this. But has been reading my blog regularly and has recently started writing his own blog.
  • I am yet to figure out a way to monetize the blog, any tips on that would be welcome. 5 years of blogging and just $102 in revenue, this can definitely be improved.


It takes an effort to be disciplined enough to write regularly. Especially when you hit the writer’s block. But then there is something about the routines that keep you going. At times I know what I am posting could have been written better. But I still let it go so that the routine is not broken. At other times I have held back what I wrote till I was satisfied with the piece.

All in all, it has been an incredible journey. Which started just as an experiment following my friend Anurag Jain. But having lived it for 5 years, it has become a part of my life. There is still a long way to go. But here I am, stopping at a milestone, looking at the evolution of the blog and my public persona, and imagining the weave of the potential fabric tomorrow…:-)

Looking forward to next 5 years of Blogging…can’t see beyond that yet.

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  1. Congratulations & Celebrations.
    5 years and just $102 in revenue-Sad.
    I am little more than one year And reached 1/4 of that said amount And experience say :

    The blogs that get higher number of visitors are :
    1. Technical
    2. Personal
    3. Photography

    But the content should be unique.

    Demerits about advt. :
    The ones we watch on our blog are visible on other blogs too.

    Demerits of search :
    Google itself is an excellent search engine then why someone will search through the search we display.

    Suggestion :
    Altogether unique content either technical/ personal/Photography related is important.
    But all said will generate income isn’t a guarantee.

    Yes, directories are little helpful to generate visitors.
    Check the blog And you will find I have submitted the blog within few listed directories which helped me very little.
    Something is better than nothing – I say.

    The mantra :
    Original content- The key to success but very tough to have.
    And if not, Time spent over internet another way to reach friendship And get visitors but how many one will achiever and maintain.

    The end says : Original Content And it could be a topic, a photograph.

    Best-Wishes !!!

  2. Hello Anuradha,

    Congratulations for completing 5 successful years.

    I came here from CS site. I wanted to subscribe to travel only RSS feeds but perhaps some settings would only let me subscribe the entire blog. Can you please suggest / fix the issue.

    Needless to say, posts are interesting and that’s why I was inclined to subscribe.

  3. congratulations on completing 5 years… it’s an interesting blog too…
    I was just surfing around trying to figure out how to even get started on earning through my blog… could u please guide me?

  4. Hi Anuradha,

    Congrats on completing 5 years.I have been reading ur blog for almost 3-4 yrs now.When i started reading then ur blog was one of the few blogs i knew though today i am a blogoholic :)i think i came to know about ur blog thur Anurag not sure though.

    Keep writing 🙂

  5. Hi Anu,
    Wonderful to know that you have completed 5 years. COngrats. I am little late to read this article, but I keep reading randomly your blog and get to know whats going on..I really wondered always about the time and the content you write. Keep it up and Good luck.
    KCN Reddy

  6. Hey ..ur blog is simple , detailed and honest. Something clean and simple …it must be reflecting ur personality. Keep it going ….!


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