A Hopeful Beginning To 2009 The Year Ahead And Future

Clouds lifting - 2009
Clouds lifting slowly – 2009

2008 has been a year that most people would like to forget at least at the macro level. Macro levels impacted a lot of people at micro levels as well, and the follow-ups are what we all may be looking forward to in 2009. For me, by design 2008 had to be a different year, but it turned out to be absolutely different from both default and design.

2009 the year ahead

The macroeconomic factors impacted all my plans, and by the second half of the year, I had to re-plan myself completely। On a positive note, I discovered something that I always had, but probably did not realize the value of. I found that I may not have been a financial success. But when it comes to friends and my support systems, I am really the blessed one.

I feel 2008 on the face of it may not be a memorable year. But I believe it was the year where a lot of foundations for the future may have been laid. And hopefully, we would be able to build a strong future on these foundations.

I traveled to Singapore this year and that was the only big travel for the year.

Wishing all my readers a fun-filled 2009. No matter what the world outside throws at you, go out and do what the world inside you enjoys.


  1. Hi Anuradha!

    Happy new year! My name is Mariana, I´m talking from Brazil. I´m here to say that is always a good pleasure reading your blog. Your book recommendations are so instigating! I also dream about the places you describe. Well, I like your sweet way of seeing the world, always soft and delicate. Your opinions are very clear and well defended. Clearly, Anuradha is a full of content person! Congrats on your blog.

    I´ve plans to visit India this year, probably in mid of August. Maybe you can give me some tips on Indians life. I´m pretty sure that India is a wonderful country, full of diversity and colors, full of good people like you!


    See ya

  2. Mariana,

    Thanks for the lovely words, and I am delighted to know that someone in Brazil is reading me.

    You can write to me at anuradhagoyal at gmail with all your queries about India and I shall answer them. If possible, let us meet when you are here.



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