Art At Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Annual Festival At Mumbai

Bollywood Art at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006
Bollywood Art at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006

I happened to be in Mumbai on some office work and the newspapers informed me about the Kala Ghoda Festival. A friend kindly agreed to take me around. India is just beginning to host these kinds of festivals that celebrate contemporary art. The festival name from the area where it is hosted in South Mumbai.

Art at Kala Ghoda Festival

Bollywood Songs make a wall Mural at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006
Bollywood Songs make a wall Mural at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006

In a city that is home to Bollywood, it is obvious that the contemporary arts celebrate every aspect of Bollywood. Here this wall mural celebrates the lyrics of famous Bollywood songs along with the instruments commonly used to create the music. I loved the font and colors used to create this wall – almost like a religious cloth with the Ram or Krishna written on them.

TV Serials at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006
TV Serials at the Festival, Mumbai 2006

If Bollywood is around, can the Television be far behind? A collage of spoof on the popular television culture shows the relative position of Television and Bollywood in the psyche.

Art display at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai 2006
Art displays at the Festival, Mumbai

The city celebrates itself and its unique culture – high rise buildings touching the sky and the busy lives of its citizens.

It was quite an experience to roam around at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and feel the creative energy all around. I hope other cities also start celebrating themselves and their unique ancient as well as contemporary heritage.

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