Asus Zenfone Max Smartphone – Review


Asus Zenfone Max is the latest smartphone from Asus. It aims to solve the biggest problem of smartphone users, especially users like me who are constantly on the move – Battery Life. During my recent trip to the hinterlands of Sikkim & Bengal, my constant worry was running out of battery. Even when I turned off the data to keep the battery juices flowing and used the phone only for calls and taking pictures – by afternoon my phone was constantly plugged into my power bank.

Asus Zenfone Max Live UnpluggedA very uncomfortable position to be in if you want to take pictures with your phone. I hate rushing to the nearest power point in a restaurant, at a hotel, or even in the office on a jungle safari. Thankfully, people understand, after all, everyone is in the same boat.


I remember talking to a friend, who argued that no innovation is happening in making batteries work longer because the guys who manufacture power banks, do not want them to. Lame, but not illogical.


So, when Asus contacted me for the review of the Asus Zenfone Max smartphone that is primarily geared up for people on the move. People who need their phone batteries to work longer. I was willing to explore it. The prospect of the battery lasting for 3 days sounded too good to be true. So, as soon as I had the phone in my hand I wanted to see its battery management options. This screen gave me some handles to manage the battery.

Asus Zenfone Max Battery Screen

Asus India claims that the battery is so good that you can even charge your other devices with it using the OTG cable that comes with it. Yes, that means you can use Asus Zenfone Max as a power bank. Now, this can come in handy when you need to sometimes charge your camera battery on the go. Especially when you visit high-altitude places like Ladakh.

Mystery Box with Asus Zenfone Max Smartphone

Asus zenfone max mystery box

Asus India used an innovative technique to send review phones to bloggers. This is how it came locked in a box whose code would be revealed only on the day of the launch. For a good one week, I stared at this box wondering what would be inside it. Finally, on 23rd, the code was revealed. And I opened the box. By this time, I had also received the Press Release. I saw the colorful back covers and wondered which color am I going to get. Got the classic black though I was in an experimental mode this time. The feel of embossed leather on the back cover is nice. It makes me feel that the phone will not slip easily and the grip is good to hold for a long time.


For the technical specifications of the model look at this detailed sheet.

Asus Zenfone Max Specifications

Asus Zenfone Max Specifications

Asus Zenfone Max promises a life that I can #liveunpugged and I am really looking forward to that.

I had earlier received an Asus Zenpad 8 for review and together with this smartphone, it looks like I becoming an all-Asus user.

Image from Asus Zenfone Max

New Mobile Handset

I have just switched to this phone and so far I am enjoying it. The size of this mobile phone is slightly bigger than my old phone, which I do not mind. I would be able to read some google play books better. Its Bluelight Filter for Eye Care should also help reading easier on the eyes. The camera looks good though I am yet to explore it fully. The only thing that I am resenting at the moment is its weight which is good 50% more than my old phone. Hope I will get used to it soon enough. Strangely there is no hands-free device that came with the phone. I hope my old hands-free works well with it.

Max Aqua model

Priced at Rs 9999/- onward, this looks like a good entry-level phone.

Will try to update this review sometime after I have used the phone for a while.


  1. i am using ASUS zefone and its a good phone.It never hangs during running heavy application.I have red color 13 mp with 3 gb ram.However battery life in maximum 2 days and it takes time to recharge full.

    Thank you for your review

    • This is my first ASUS phone Roopa. I can see they have lot of battery management apps built in, that can save battery juice. As of now battery is working well for me, however I would comment on the real quality of it after 6 months.

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