Meet My First Tablet – Asus ZenPad 8.0


Asus ZenPad 8.0 ReviewAn irony that I carry is that I am among the first users of technology, remember I even wrote a book on Digital companies of India. But I am not a gadget freak. I use my gadgets for as long as I can. So for a long time, I never understood why should I have a tablet, when I have a laptop and a phone that does almost everything that a tablet can. Yes, the big screen is tempting, but then is it not too big to hold all the time. Just when they are saying that tablets may be on their way out, I received this lovely tablet from Asus India called Asus Zenpad 8.0. I cannot stop playing with it.

Right, at the first go, it is like a phone with a big screen, but then it is so much easier to

  • Surf the Net on the Go
  • Browse pictures on Instagram
  • Play my favorite Sudoku
  • Watch Videos

Asus ZenPad 8.0 Review

My favorite use of ZenPad 8.0 is my entertainment and education box. While I work on my computer I put it in its chic audio cover and play my favorite music. Be it through youtube videos, or through music apps or through the live radio stations. I have also been playing videos of many online courses that I am enrolled in – it is good to let the professors talk as I two-time between listening to them and managing my work.

Now if you are wondering what is an Audio Cover, let’s shake hands. For a few days after I received my ZenPad, I thought of it as just another cover that comes with a stand to make the tablet stand for better viewing. Thinking of it as a cosmetic/convenience accessory, I kept it aside. Probably to use when I travel with the new toy. Then I noticed a small charger to charge this cover and that made me raise an eyebrow. I picked up the cover, it looked like a diary. And when I opened I saw a half split portion that looked like a speaker.

It was time to open the manual and discover that this audio cover adds to the experience of using this as a media device. I immediately removed the back cover and plugged in the audio cover. Made the Zenpad stand on it and played some music. And then if you could read the expression on my face – it said Wow. The difference between playing the same music with and without the cover was loud and clear. The speaker in the audio cover gives an effect of surround sound. And the makes the video viewing extremely pleasurable.

Night Photography with Asus ZenPad 8.0
Night Photography with the ZenPad


The product manual informed me that the camera is well suited for night photography. So on Christmas Day, I took it out to shoot some Christmas cribs in Panaji. I quite like some of Panaji Church shots I took with this model.

Next day I took it to the vegetable market. And did some daytime photography, and here is one picture for you.

Taking pictures with the ZenPad
Taking pictures with the ZenPad

As you know I read a lot of books. I was wondering if I can carry this tablet for short travels and read books using Kindle App on it or more important pdf files which are a pain to read on Kindle. And yes, while the Kindle app is just the same, but reading pdf files on this device is going to be easy. So expect more book reviews on AnuReviews.


Battery – the biggest parameter on which we judge the electronic devices, as of now is excellent. I played videos one full day. And at the end of the day, there was still some juice left in the batteries. Having said that it is too early to judge the battery. And I should probably update this section after a few months. For those of you interested in detailed technical specs, here they are:

Technical specifications of the model

Being an Android device, it is intuitively easy for anyone used to android to use it.

That’s it for now and as and when I discover something more about Asus ZenPad 8.0, I shall update this post.



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