Bastei Rocks Of Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany

Elbe river view at Saxon Switzerland Germany
Elbe river views at Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is a hilly area in the southeast of the city of Dresden, bordering the neighboring Czech Republic. Here in the highlands, there are tall sandstone rocks in light ash grey color. Making it a favorite place for the hikers and climbers with thousand odd peaks to be conquered.

Bastei Rocks of Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bastei Rocks at Saxon Switzerland Germany
Bastei Rocks, German Mountains at Saxon Switzerland National Park

Along the river Elbe, they stand tall like a small canyon. The bend of Elbe with a railway line running alongside creates a scenic view from atop the Bastei rocks. Word Bastei comes from bastion as the rocks look like bastions from a distance. Historically the Slavic tribes inhabited this area, till it came under Saxony rule in medieval times. It became a tourist spot only about 200 years ago. These rocks have inspired many artists since then.

Elbe river flowing beside the Bastei Rocks, Saxon Switzerland
Elbe river flowing beside the Bastei Rocks, Saxon Switzerland

Bastei Rock View Points

There was an old wooden bridge that has been now replaced by the sandstone bridge linking various parts of the rocks. Narrow stairs take you to the top of the viewing points that have a small space to accommodate a few people. The day I was there, there were quite a few visitors there. Locals and tourists and that meant you could spend only limited time at the viewing points. Different points give different views of the winding river and the Bastei rocks by its side. It is totally up to your imagination to make out what the rocks look like.

Bastei Rocks viewpoints at Saxon Switzerland
Bastei Rocks viewpoints at Saxon Switzerland

Some of the rocks coming out of the greenery looked too symmetrical to be natural but then when does nature stop surprising us. There is a section of the rocks open to the public for free. A part is ticketed that visitors usually used as a place for picnics to spend a day amidst nature.

Towering Bastei Rocks range at Saxon Switzerland
Towering Bastei Rocks, German Mountains at Saxon Switzerland National Park

Heritage Area Maintenance

The impeccable maintenance of this natural heritage while keeping it accessible to the public is something that I can only wish was there for heritage in my country as well.

When I applied for my German Visa, the girl at the desk was confused for a long time since the itinerary mentioned Switzerland and I was telling her I am not going there. I wanted to Google it and show her the place, but there was no way to do that in that high-security area.

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