Video Of The Month: Bathukamma – Telangana


Bathukamma Festival Video

Bathukamma is Telangana’s own way of celebrating Navaratri. What is common across Navaratri celebrations is the worship of Goddess. Mostly the various avatars of Parvati. Here she is worshiped as a mound of flowers. Women treat this mound of flowers as Goddess Gauri. And tell her to cool down as she sets herself on fire after her husband is insulted by her father. Some say the flowers are put to cool down the goddess.

Women sing and dance around these flowers before they are set free in a water body. Special food is cooked. It is a sight to see the women in their best Saris and jewelry, almost looking like the Goddess themselves.

This Bathukamma celebration was recorded in Hyderabad in October 2013 at Tank Bund.



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