10 Best Professions To Travel Around The World

Best Professions to Travel
Best Professions to Travel, Image – Shutterstock

Every day I get a few emails asking me to help people with starting a travel blog. Are they really interested in making a career in Travel Blogging? I am not very sure. Do they all want to travel with minimum investment – Probably Yes.

There is a lot of literature available on ‘How to Start a Travel Blog’ or ‘How to make money with travel blogging?’. I may not have anything new to add there. However, I can talk about some of the best professions to travel.

Let me tell you that ‘Travel Blogging’ is not the only profession that allows you to travel around the world. There are many professions that involve extensive travel. So, how about looking at some of them as well? You can earn money and travel while you work on most of these.

Best Professions to Travel

Performing Artists / Actors

Hema Malini performing at Amaravati Global Music Festival
Hema Malini performing at Amaravati Global Music Festival

If you are good at an art form – it could be singing, dancing, acting, comedy, painting, or sculpting – your art can take you places. Most performing artists I have met are extremely well-traveled. They go to perform in different corners of the world and that is how they see the world. You may see concert tours of film stars only but almost all performing stars travel a lot. Yes, you have to achieve a level of proficiency in your art, but if you like to travel and you enjoy performing – this is the best way to travel. You take the art to different corners of the world and it takes you to the world.

Even professions associated with performing artists like makeup artists, location scouts, event managers et al also get to travel with them.

Sports – One of the Best Professions to Travel

We all know how high-profile sports personalities travel! However, you would be surprised to know how much an average player travels even while preparing for a career in sports.

Way back in school, I used to play table tennis and that is when I traveled a lot as a player. Now, I know my friends who are helping their kids with a sporting career – they travel more than anyone else I know. While in the initial days of your career you may have to completely focus on the sport and not really venture out. But once you are established and can afford the time – sports give you huge opportunities to travel around the world.

Need some motivation – Check out the travel schedules of your favorite sportsperson or read a fictional account of the same in The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger.

Airline crew

Airline Crew
Airline Crew, Image – Shutterstock

This one seems obvious enough. Airline crews get to travel to various places for free. The downside is you do not get a long-term stay in most places. I am sure with a bit of planning you can get yourself some well-deserved holidays. Do you know there are special Visas for airline crews – most are for a limited time, but some allow visa-free entry to airline staff.

The same applies to crew members of Ships and Merchant Navy Professionals.

Politics – Best Professions to Travel

Politics as a Profession
Politics as a Profession, Image – Shutterstock

Open your Television and check out the present positions of politicians you follow in your state, country, or around the world. Chances are that they are not in their hometown, but attending a meeting somewhere, campaigning in some remote corner, or inaugurating some project while smiling for the cameras.

No one travels the way Politicians do. In their territory, they travel to each nook and corner to be in touch with their people. Yes, they do that – though most of us would like to believe otherwise. Politics needs networking of all kinds, so politicians travel to meet their fellow politicians. They travel to raise funds. Once in office, they need to travel to represent the state.

At this point in time, the traveler I am most envious of is the Indian Prime Minister.


If you work in the hospitality industry, more often than not you would be staying in an envious tourist location. Agree, sometimes you may spend time alone in a jungle lodge. Most hoteliers work around the world. There is no better way to see the world by staying in a region for some time and exploring it at leisure. It is also quite a global profession. Most hoteliers I know of, have lived across the world with equal ease.

As hospitality professionals, you also get to see the world coming to you and interact with them. It is not an easy profession, but then it comes with its perks.


Yes, on the face of it looks like academicians travel between their homes and classrooms. Nothing can be far from the truth. Most universities are networked in a way that academicians travel a lot. They travel to attend conferences to present their papers and to know the latest happenings in their fields. They travel to deliver guest lectures. Sometimes they travel to conduct guest courses when they get to stay in host universities for a few days or months. It is an easy and relaxed way to know the place – through its academicians, students, and university environments.

An academic career also allows you long breaks that you can use for traveling.

Even research associates travel quite a bit, though where and how long depends on their subjects.

Truck Drivers

Truck Driving
Truck Driving, Image – Shutterstock

If you love the road and road trips, being a truck driver is not a bad option. Is this not the best way to romance the road? You get paid to drive around. You are free to stop and admire the surroundings as and when you want. Most truck drivers work on a loose schedule and have some freedom within the start and end dates of their trips.

I wish I had thought of this option when I was growing up. I know for women it may still be a challenge, especially because of the absence of toilets but you never know someday we might conquer this as well.

And I know truck driving is not a dream profession for anyone. So, if you do not want to do it for the rest of your life, it may be a good option to explore for some time.

Armed Forces – Best Professions to Travel

Armed Forces
Armed Forces, Image – Shutterstock

Working in the Indian Army takes you to all parts of the country. You get posted every 2-3 years, with some stints to locations out of bounds of normal civilians. You stay among people who come from all parts of the country. At a later stage of their careers, many army officers get to travel abroad too.

There is no better way to know India than being a part of the Indian Army. It is amazing to grow in army cantonments which are so peaceful and so lush green compared to the rest of the country.

Fashion Professionals

The Fashion Professionals
The Fashion Professionals, Image – Shutterstock

Fashion is a more global phenomenon than it appears. With the rise of the digital population, it is becoming even more global. Fashion from across the seas influence each other. Most fashion designers work with designer labels across the world. In fact, while major brands are based in the western hemisphere, most manufacturing happens in the Eastern. So, the travels are bound to happen.

Most fashion industry professionals I know of – whether fashion designers or a merchandiser – travel a lot. And, yes, they travel fashionably enough.

My second most envied traveler is Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks.


Photographer - Best Professions to Travel
Photography, Image – Shutterstock

Photographers travel for what they love doing most – Photography. They go for professional shoots irrespective of the genre they work with. Photojournalists travel to cover stories. Fashion photographers travel for location shoots. Wedding photographers travel for destination weddings. Nature and Birding experts explore nature reserves. Travel photographers of course travel.

Like any creative profession, it is not easy to make your mark in photography, especially when everyone is armed with a good camera. Having said that, if you can make your mark – the world is your canvas.

Other Best Professions to Travel

I wanted to add Software Professionals to this list as I have traveled quite a bit in that profession. However, I see that processes in the software industry have evolved to an extent where travel is getting minimized.

Marketing professionals of most industries travel a lot – something digital marketers do not get to do.

Geologists travel a lot. Space scientists travel in unique ways. However, the number of people who travel is rather limited.

Professions you can pick up while traveling to sustain yourself

  • Teaching English or any other language you can teach
  • Being a Tour Guide – but this would mean you staying at one place for a while
  • Being an instructor for sports like Diving etc
  • Work in hotels during peak seasons – when they need extra hands.

Travel Bloggers are technically professional travelers so they, of course, travel.

Is there any other profession that you think should be a part of this list?


  1. i think u have covered exhaustively the list. i thot interviewers of companies but nowadays with conference calls and video conferencing facilities this 2 is on the wane.
    my wonder-
    can we not just travel just 4 pleasure at cheap rates, inexpensive stays but njoy the xperiences. travel shud reach the dreams of the common man, indian at affordable rates.

    and yes, pilgrimage tours and priests performing pujas, etc., can b added in this list as singers.
    what do u all readers say.
    pl. share yr. comments.

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing. Never knew my passion towards writing can be used for travel. Thanks a ton and I will be looking forward for more such informative articles.

    • Wow Yogi, that would be great. I don’t know why most of us do not plan a career a politics – it can change the destiny of the area of you represent. And of course, you travel every inch of the territory.

  3. Nice post and a Great blog, I really appreciate your efforts and i will be waiting for your further write ups. Keep posting such kind of information on your blog. I bookmarked it for continuous visit. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. What about working in the travel industry, other than just airlines? For example, travel agents or being a rep for travel companies are great careers for people who want to travel a lot.

  5. Yea.. Travel blogger is also the best profession to travel around the world. However, Travel blogs lets you enjoy more than other professionals 🙂

  6. There are so many jobs that can help you travel. We teach English and earn more than just a sustaining wage. The expats we meet do such a variety of jobs. It’s amazing!

  7. Hi Anuradha,
    I enjoyed reading your article on professions which enable to travel. Maybe I would like to add a sales job to this list, which is my profession. It enabled me to visit many places, at least on my continent.
    Cheers, Ricarda

    • Right, Ricarda – you guys in sales do get to travel a lot. I did mention that most sales and marketing people travel all the time. How much they get to see the place is a different discussion though.

  8. Some great suggestions there. I think so many people this being a travel blogger is easy, when in reality it is as much work as many of those other professions you mention.

    • Josie, travel blogging so simple to those who have not stepped into it that I have stopped explaining how tough and demanding it can be. You have to work hard to be good at any profession – this is my 3rd profession so to say and each one demanded hard work.

  9. This list is super comprehensive, you clearly put a ton of time and effort into it. Some people might not realize that their job or passion can allow them to travel!

    • Megan, thank you so much for appreciating the effort that goes behind a travel blog. It does not even finish once you have published the post. So, for travelers any profession that pays well and allows you to travel is good.

  10. By doing freelancing (website building, social media management, graphic design, etc.) you can also travel around the world flexibly 🙂 If you’re a native English speaker it’s even easier because teaching English in foreign countries (esp in Asia) is quite a sought-after profession nowadays.

    • Fiona, those are well talked about professions in the nomad world but most people with families, especially in places like India like to engage in a more stable profession and still travel.

  11. I’m dreaming to be a nature photographer travel for what I love doing most… Photography. Nature photography gives me an appreciation for the world that we live in. But unfortunately I’m just a full time Food Technology Consultant and a part time Travel Blogger… The good thing is that I work for a global food company allowing me to attend workshop and training everywhere in the world and keep on travelling even at work !

  12. Great list, we’ve been living and working as expats for years now integrating travel with earning money. I’m a high school teacher, there are private schools hiring teachers in every country around the globe to teach expat children. My husband is a helicopter engineer and he can get a job on any continent too!

  13. Nice aritcle by Admin… these are the such best professions those give great opportunity to travel all over the world. I must say Artists, Airline crew, Truck Drivers & Photographers are the most professions those travel with their work.

  14. I think if you could be a travel blogger or a journalist then also you will get a good chance to travel around the world. But I think the best profession that will give you the chance to travel around the world is Air-hostess, pilot, and other Areoplne cabin crews.

  15. If i would have any option then I must have gone for travel photographer rather than Engineer. I Can’t imagine how lucky would i be if that was my only profession ;)..Well you collected nice list..

  16. Thank you very much for appreciating the effort that goes behind a travel blog. It does not even finish once you have published the post So, for travelers any profession that pays well and allows you to travel is good.


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