Attending Bhagoria Haat Ranapur In Madhya Pradesh

Pohe, Jalebi - the most popular street food of MP at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur
Pohe, Jalebi – the most popular street food of MP at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur

It was our second day at Bhagoria Haat or festival and the venue was village Ranapur. A bit closer to Jhabua where we were staying. Here at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur, the fair was far more crowded. The format was more or less the same but the style of dressing up entirely different. Girls here wore printed or to be specific Bandhini print clothes. While in Vaalpur plain clothes were almost a rule. The silver jewelry here was absolutely different, though still as heavy. There was no trace of anything like Vaalpur either of people or at the shops. Girls wore fancy clips in their hair and kept the clip part of their hair open. While the rest of the head was covered and reminded me of an old Punjabi Boli ’Khulla Rakhdi Clip wala paasa’.

Bhagoria Haat Ranapur

Giant wheels entertainment at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur
Giant wheels entertainment at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur


The giant wheels were bigger and motorized. There were far more paan shops here and business brisker. It was a sight to see people coming in overloaded vehicles, in trucks and bullock carts. There were dances happening in some corners. Processions were taken out with song and dance. And there was the same MP visiting again, but this time helicopter was not visible. At one place there was a male dancer with turmeric all over his body. A red cloth wrapped around his upper body and a decorated coconut in his hand and there were many drums being beaten all around him.

A tribal dancer at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur
A tribal dancer at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur

Shops at the Haat

I found the little shops amusing. We went looking for silver jewelry only to find that it is way too heavy for urban consumption. Discovered clay Tawas that is baked in a way that they need to be broken before being used. Saw some rural innovations, as the old tire was recycled to make chappals and buckets. We saw some smart tailors making instant dresses for foreigners with the hand woven clothes that they were weaving in their homes.

A paan shop at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur
A paan shop at Bhagoria Haat Ranapur

We spoke to some villagers and all of them had their own version and interpretation of the festival. I spoke to a young couple and asked them their views. They were too shy to speak or pose for the camera. But they said they had an arranged marriage that was arranged by the families. One common fact was that they all look forward to the festival, as this is the time for business as well as spending.

It was a revelation that the same festival can be celebrated in villages few km’s apart can show us hues of the culture here, of having a strong individuality within the common ethos.

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    The pictures are awesome…and once again depict the bright colors of India. I have been to MP once in Mhow..I really liked the palace over there…Rani Rupmati and the legend it used to talk about. The heat gets a little tough on you but still I loved the trip. The food on the post looks so amazing. And thanks for making memories live.

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