Sunday Shot: Indian Pond Heron Bird In-Flight


One of the most common birds of India, the Indian Pond Heron can be spotted just around any water body. Or even green paddy and wheat fields across the country. Be it the sowing season at the beginning of monsoons or during harvesting and plowing the fields, they are around the human habitat.

Indian Pond Heron bird in-flight
Indian Pond Heron bird in-flight

This bird was flying across the man-made pathway amidst the fields in Taleigao, Goa, not too far from our house here.

Indian Pond Heron Bird in-flight

Pointed beaks, sharp yellow eyes, and flapping feathers make it lovely to watch them fly. Just like any other bird is at its best in colors, aerodynamics display, a sharp eye, and focused direction this too is majestic in-flight. Every bird has its typical flight style and so does this heron.

Any bird photographer would love to capture birds in flight. So do I, however, it is just a hobby. Hope you enjoy my posts on birds and nature in general.

About the bird

They are stocky with short necks, short thick bills, and buff-brown backs. In summer, adults have long-neck feathers. Their appearance is transformed from dull colors when they take to flight and the white of the wings makes them very prominent.

They are found in a variety of aquatic habitats, including ponds, lakes, rivers, and marshes. As well as in irrigated agricultural land and man-made reservoirs. They are widespread and abundant in areas with abundant water and food.

These birds are solitary, they will gather in large groups at feeding areas. Typically seen standing still, while on the lookout for prey like fish, frogs, insects, etc.

Browse this website and you can find many pictures of the birds captured in flight. Also many bird images from national parks like Satpura, Pench & Bharatpur.

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