Sunday Shot: Rose Ringed Parakeet In Flight – Birding In Goa

Sunday Shot: Rose-ringed Parakeet in-flight
Sunday Shot: Rose-ringed Parakeet in-flight

It is Sunday shot time and harvest season in Goa. In the paddy fields of Taleigao near our house, dozens of parakeet’s are having a gala time with the golden grains of paddy ripe and ready to be harvested. Good opportunity to try my hand at photographing birds in flight.

Rose-ringed Parakeet in flight – Birding in Goa

This Rose Ringed Parakeet bird picks up a strand of the paddy crop from the fields as if saying – this is my share of the booty. Undoubtedly it was not the only piece it picked up. They fly to higher branches of the nearby trees to relish the rich pickings. And soon return for more. Like a variety of birds savoring the crop.

One of the pleasures of living in between the Arabian sea and the fields. You can see flocks of these fellows in your backyard. You can always step out for a long walk by the rich nature. Birds can be seen if you have a keen eye to notice them.



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