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Bird Photography At Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

A trip to National Parks enables you to explore stunning greenery & landscapes. The icing on the cake is sighting a few wild animals. There is an opportunity for the enthusiasts to find a variety of birds...
Saras Crane the tallest bird

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary – Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - National Park of India Keoladeo National Park is popularly called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is in Rajasthan. Among the top-rated bird sanctuaries of India and the world. It is a UNESCO...

Sunday Shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle – Birding In Goa

Sunday Shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flightWhite-bellied Sea Eagle White-bellied Sea Eagle is a predatory bird. Seen in small numbers along the sea coast, backwaters and estuaries along the coast, circling over the waters to spot the...
Purple Heron bird in-flight

Sunday Shot: Purple Heron In-flight, Birding In Goa

Purple Heron is larger in size compared to the most common Pond Herons. They have been sighted solitary, not so easily seen as they prefer to hunt for their prey in secluded areas.Purple Heron Bird To find...

Sunday Shot: Slender Billed Gull – Birding In Goa

Flocks of these Slender Billed Gull's look like a sprinkling of shiny silver particles in the sky from a distance, reflecting the sunshine. They can be then seen splitting into smaller groups scanning the surface...

Sunday Shot: Black Kite In-flight – Birding In Goa

We know it as a bird of prey, it is also called Black Kite, and it is a fairly common bird. It can be often seen in dozens, circling over the cities, garbage dumps, water bodies....

Sunday Shot: Brahminy Kite In-flight – Birding In Goa

Brahminy Kite, a bird of prey, distinct from other kites with its characteristic white head and breast. It is usually seen flying over the water bodies, be it lakes, rivers, estuaries.Brahminy Kite In-flight It is...

Sunday Shot: White-throated Kingfisher – Birding In Goa

Diving into the still waters of Mandovi river at Malim jetty, this in-flight white-throated Kingfisher bird managed to catch a fish. And flew back to the nearby mangroves to relish. Malim jetty located on...

Sunday Shot: Little Egret In-flight – Birding In Goa

Little Egret bird (Egretta Garzetta Garzetta) is a small white heron, also called yellow-footed egret. You may notice that the foot is yellow in color. They are commonly seen near water bodies and fields....

Sunday Shot – Common Kingfisher, Birding In Goa

Perched atop an under-construction site iron rod, this common Kingfisher was trying to spot the fish in a stagnant water body created by rainwater. Kingfisher can spot its food i.e. fish in still water...

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