Sunday Shot: Black Kite In-flight – Birding In Goa

Black Kite bird-in-flight, Goa
Black Kite bird-in-flight, Goa

We know it as a bird of prey, it is also called Black Kite. It is a fairly common bird. It can be often seen in dozens, circling over the cities, garbage dumps, water bodies. In fact, garbage dumps are the best places to locate them if you can stand the stench. You can find it competing with the Brahminy Kites and crows for the food.

Black Kite Bird In-flight

It adroitly drifts in the air with an amazing display of deep knowledge it has of aerodynamics before it rests on top of a tree. It is best known for its sharp eyesight that lets it spot the food from great heights. They circle over the skies to scan the land, fields, and water bodies for food. And suddenly take a flight down to confirm the spotting before striking. They usually rest after a while on the top branches of the trees co-living with other birds.

It (Milvus migrans) is a medium-sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. They are opportunistic hunters and are more likely to scavenge. They spend much time soaring and gliding in search of food. Their population here is large, especially in areas of a high human population. These birds are opportunist hunters and take birds, bats, and rodents by swooping down with their legs lowered to snatch small live prey, fish, household refuse.

This image was captured near the Mandovi river at Panjim, Goa. Performing a perfect balancing act with its feathers it was drifting down for a closer look at something it just spotted.

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  1. Beautiful flight dear Anuradha ! it could well be a juvenile brahminy, the tail looks round and the part just above the beak, cere, seem black. it is always difficult, but the tail is a good indicator

  2. Initially, I have started following Anuradha ji for two reasons, her dwelling place – Panaji, Goa & I love travel. But after reading her blogs she inspired my inner “wannabe author” desire. Awesome writing Anuradha ji, keep writing.


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