Popular Global Brands From Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquell brewery, Prague, Brands from the Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquell brewery, Prague, Brands from the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, I heard that any government that raises the price of beer would go down. Such is the bonding that people of this country have with beer. Later I read that they do top the charts when it comes to the highest per capita consumption of beer. In this country, freshly brewed beers have been a part of the culture since the early 12th CE and every town and city has its own breweries. Of its two most famous beer brands – Pilsen and Budweiser, I had an opportunity to go to the Pilsner Urquell brewery. And look around at the merchandise and memorabilia that they sell.  Since I do not drink I cannot comment on the quality of the beer. Here is a list of global brands from the Czech Republic I noticed during the visit.

Global Brands from the Czech Republic


Did you know that Budweiser – a well-known beer brand actually has its origins in the Czech Republic? Yes, the Budweiser that you get in Czech is not the same that you get in the USA, though the brand name is same on the surface. American Budweiser is called just Bud in Europe where Budweiser is used by the original brand owners here.


Skoda, the automotive brand also has its origins in the Czech Republic. It was founded in mid 19th century and was one the first automobile companies. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen group.

Bata Brand from the Czech Republic
Bata Brand from the Czech Republic


If you always thought Bata Shoes are very Indian, a trip to Czech might change that. Actually, a google search can also do so but you may not go to google for this unless you are teased too. It is a brand that was founded in present-day Czech towards the end of 19th CE by Tomas Bata, who came from a family of cobblers. Owing to large orders from the army during world wars, they became the first mass producers of shoes. The family later moved to Canada. The company operations were headquartered there before it was again moved to Lausanne in Switzerland. It has been in India since 1931. And probably still continues to be the leader, definitely the most recognized shoe brand in the country.

Kohinoor Pencils

Here is another brand from Czech that also has an Indian connection – Kohinoor pencils. Named after the famous Indian diamond, it is a brand that was founded in the late 18th CE. And has remained a leading pencil brand since then.

Traveling to a country can tell you so much about it and its contribution to the world. It was a sheer discovery – the global brands from the Czech Republic.

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