Budbudi Tal aka The Bubble Lake At Netravali, Goa


Clap and the lake bubbles are the famous legends associated with this tiny lake. That actually looks like a small temple pond with a structure standing in the middle of it. It is the Bubble Lake of Goa, locally called Budbudi Tal or Budbudi Tali.

Budbudi Tal aka Bubble Lake aka Budbudi Tali
Budbudi Tal aka Budbudi Tali

Bubble Lake or Budbudi Tal at Netravali, Goa

Tucked away in the middle of spice farms, in the village of Netravali, Sanguem. A rectangular step-well style lake, an artificial lake that would have been constructed anywhere between 300-400 years back. A freshwater lake, it gets water from the underground springs. It has an outlet at one end from where the water goes out and is used by the farmers around for irrigation. We were told that when it was being constructed, a layer of sand was stuffed below the surface. And that sustains aquatic plants on its base that emit methane gas.

When this gas tries to escape, it comes up in the form of small bubbles.

Gopinath Temple by the Bubble Lake
Gopinath Temple by the Bubble Lake

Engaging Bubbles

Visually the bubbles look beautiful when they pop up and create concentric circles through the ripples they cause. The lake can keep your eyes engaged for a long time as you keep looking for the next bubble spot. You can also create bubbles by jumping on the stones around the lake or by clapping. Basically, anything that leads to vibrations in the lake.

Structure in the middle of Bubble Lake
Structure in the middle of the lake

Tiger Fish in Budbudi Lake

There are small tiger fish in the Budbudi Lake – the ones that are used by salons for the pedicure. I sat with my feet in the water and within a few minutes, the fishes were nibbling the dead skin on my feet. It tickles a bit but then you start enjoying it. If you can keep your feet stationary, fish would flock to fill all the space available on your skin.

Bubbles originating from the base of Bubble Lake
Bubbles originating from the base of the lake

Gopinath Temple next to the Bubble Lake

The small rectangular laterite stone structure in the middle is dilapidated now. But it might have been a part of the temple. A white-colored stone among the many fallen stones on it is believed to be Shiva Linga. You would need a local with you to point this out. I somehow felt this might have been a place for the Tulsi plant as the temple belongs to Krishna. And it is not unusual to have a Tulsi bang opposite the main temple. Standing next to a recently built temple of Gopinath, Bubble Lake actually is the remnant of the beautiful temple that would have stood in place of the current temple.

Carved Wooden Pillars

On the farm next to this lake, we actually saw the saved wooden pillars from this temple and they were not just beautifully carved but had aged very gracefully too. One look at them and you would be tempted to see the temple standing on these pillars. But what you see today is concrete and tiles.

Carved wooden pillars
Carved wooden pillars

Tanshikar Spice Farm

Tanshikar spice farm located next to this lake is a good place to stay or eat. They have few mud cottages and they conduct trekking tours around Netravali, besides selling spices grown on their farms. You can see the 200+-year-old mud house that the Tanshikar family continues to stay in.

Nutmegs at Tanshikar spice farm
Nutmegs at Tanshikar spice farm

Netravali is almost on the border of GoaKarnataka, a good 90+ km South of Panaji. But the drive is very pleasant through the villages flanked by fields on both sides. Your mobile phones will not work unless you are on the BSNL network, in which case, they may. So, go with all the directions in hand and not depend on your GPS systems.

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