Cathedral Of The Holy Name, Colaba – Mumbai Heritage


Not too far from the Afghan Church in Colaba is a century-old Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Name. From the outside, it looks like any other building in the neighborhood with a typical Gothic architecture built by the British.

Cathedral of the Holy Name, Colaba, Mumbai
The towering heritage structure of the Cathedral in Colaba, Mumbai

Cathedral of the Holy Name, Colaba – Heritage of Mumbai

The narrow roads and thankfully some trees do not allow the full view of the building from the vicinity. But you can see the elegant building in greystones outlined in white. If you let your neck move around you may be able to see its imposing spires.

Frescos at Cathedral of the Holy Name, Colaba, Mumbai
Beautiful Frescos at the heritage Cathedral at Colaba, Mumbai

This cathedral has seen quite a bit of history. It was built here to replace a church that used to exist elsewhere. While replacing an Old Portuguese church that once stood very close to this place. Formally it was a church built in the first few years of the 20th century and completed in 1905. It rose to be a cathedral in 1964. And was declared a heritage building in 1998. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Bombay.

Stained Glass Frescos
Beautiful heritage artwork of Stained Glass Frescos

Features of the Cathedral of the Holy Name

The most beautiful feature of this Cathedral is the frescos or the paintings on the ceilings and the walls. Architecturally it has a narrow tall hall with vaulted ceilings. And an impressive altar with three colorful stained glass windows with a chandelier hanging in the front. Ceilings in rich yellow color depict the scenes from Christ’s life. The white lines crisscrossing across the ceiling provide the outlines. And create the sections while providing a pattern. Arches below have the frescos on a pale green background while the empty spaces are filled in yellow and pink with geometric designs. The whole play of bright yet pleasant colors is what makes this place vibrant and charming. There are idols on the walls that add to the beauty.

Prayer Hall
Prayer Hall of a heritage structure with a high ceiling and wonderful architecture

Gift from Pope

A white Stole with golden embroidery, a gift from Pope John XXIII to the Cathedral is prominently displayed. When I visited there were a few women sitting and chatting inside the church. While others were silently praying. It is always a humbling experience to go around buildings that have been around for a long time and still stand tall. And in places where prayers are said every day, irrespective of who says them and to whom.

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