Chandravathi – Adventure Girl From Karnataka


We got ready for the day to be spent with the waters of the Arabian Sea. The adventure team of Sai Vishram Beach Resort was prepared to handhold us for various experiences. They took us deep into the sea and let us swim there. Initially, most of us were too scared to enter the waters and after 20 mins no one wanted to come back to the boat. And we were yet to meet the adventure girl Chandravathi.

Chandravathi - adventure girl from Karnataka
Chandravathi – adventure girl from Karnataka

Adventure Girl Chandravathi

Back at the shore and I was called for a Jet Ski ride. Now, this is something that I do not enjoy as much for the jerks it gives in the water. Suddenly I see a young girl in an orange T-shirt over her sea-green Salwar Kameez with a well-oiled long braid and a life jacket sitting behind me. She smiled and gestured to me not to worry. I was still looking at her when she joined her colleagues in pushing the Jet Ski to the waters before she jumped onto it and took control.

She took me for a long round and then handed me the controls. I messed up and pressed the accelerator when I should have pushed the brakes. She very calmly took the controls back and safely brought me back to the shore. We had a round of introduction after the ride and I learned her name is Chandravathi.

Adventure girl from Karnataka taking guests on a Banana Ride
Adventure girl from Karnataka taking guests on a Banana Ride

While I did other things like Kayaking and Parasailing, I kept observing Chandravathi as she took other tourists on Jet Ski rides one after the other. Then I saw her taking a family of 6 for a Banana ride which needs a lot of skill for she has to decide where to topple them and leave them in the water. Without any airs around her, she was simplicity and confidence personified. With a smile on her face, she kept doing her work.

Video of Chandravathi

Watch this clip of her.

The next day early morning I saw her cleaning her equipment and tried to talk to her only to realize the language barrier between us for she speaks nothing but Kannada. Her colleagues surrounded her and started translating my questions and leading her to answers. When I asked her about her dream, they all said – What dream, when she gets married, whatever her husband decides will be her destiny?


Let me tell you this is a very young girl earning far more than any of her peers in India and doing something that not many girls would have chosen to do. She is the only girl among all the other men on that team. I wanted to tell her to follow her dream. And do what she wants to do – for she had the potential to design life, as she wants it to be. No one was willing to translate me on that, they all kept saying ‘May God bless you and do good to you’. I do know that much Kannada to understand.

I am so happy to see girls taking on careers of their choice. Wish more power to Chandravathi and girls like her.

If you happen to meet her or brave girls like her, do encourage them.

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