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Years ago, I was visiting Lucknow for some official work, and the only option to stay there was Clarks Awadh. I remember it as a typical 1970s hotel and why not it has been around since 1973. This time when I got an invite to stay with them, I was in for a surprise. Clarks Awadh located in the heart of Lucknow city in the busy Hazratganj area is an all-new hotel with plush interiors. The new-age hotel though still maintains the old-world charm in its hospitality – a perfect combination I must say.

Clarks Awadh Lucknow
Landscape view of the hotel in Lucknow

As I walked around the hotel, I noticed that the hotel never lets you forget that you are in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh. For its overseas guests, it presents a window to India through the art pieces on display.

Art at Clarks Awadh Lucknow

Oil Paintings at Clarks Awadh Lucknow
Oil Paintings at the hotel

Different floors of the hotel have different themes. The floor I stayed at had monuments of Uttar Pradesh like the ancient temple of Deogarh, the Ghats of Ganga in Varanasi, and of course the monuments of Lucknow.

Chikankari for the decor
Chikankari for the decor

Two floors had the birds and animals of Uttar Pradesh. However, my favorite floor was the one displaying the Chikankari work of Lucknow. Different types of Chikankari work in fresh, lively, and soothing colors adorn this floor. With a bit of documentation, this could be a walking lesson in the art of Chikankari.

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Srinathji Pichhwai
Srinathji Pichhwai

Pichhwais with Srinathji is another theme that is repeated on the walls of the luxury hotel. A big Ganesha Murti welcomes you in the lobby. Classic Lucknow attire hangs on one of the walls of the lobby.

Global essence comes from oil paintings showcasing global destinations like Venice and Paris through oil paintings.

Wood-carved artifacts at Clarks Awadh Lucknow
Wood-carved artifacts at the hotel

One of the banquet halls has similarly done with panels of Chikankari work. Here they have used a subdued yet fresh lavender color for the base with white embroidery. The ambiance will keep reminding you that you are in Lucknow without really distracting you.

Another artwork that I liked was brass artifacts like a Ganesha or Sri Ram Charan Paduka or Shiva’s trident.

The food at Clarks Awadh Lucknow

There are two restaurants at this hotel in Lucknow.

La Bougenvalia

Jalebi & Kachori for breakfast
Jalebi & Kachori for breakfast

One is a coffee shop called La Bougenvalia where I ate breakfast a couple of times. The buffet is served for lunch and dinner here. The breakfast choices are wide. While I preferred to have a quintessentially Lucknavi breakfast of Matar Kachori with Aaloo Sabji topped with crisp Jalebis, the south Indian spread was as tempting as it is in a typical south Indian hotel. Of course, the continental options were also there but I let them pass most of the time in India.


This is almost a rooftop restaurant with a two-sided view of the city of Lucknow. On one side is the River Gomti quietly meandering around the city and on the other side are the gardens and the upcoming Lucknow Metro. You also get a different view during the day and in the evening. My suggestion would be to choose your side following the Sun.

View of Gomti from Falaknuma restaurant of Clarks Awadh
View of Gomti from Falaknuma restaurant of the hotel

In the evening, there is live music and you can dine with the popular Ghazals playing in the background.

Falaknuma restaurant at the hotel serves classic North Indian Food & Avadhi food. I had Kulcha, Lachha Parantha, Dal Makhani, and various seasonal vegetables along with the Aam ki Saunth wali Chutney and Aam ka Achar. They have a lot of options for Paneer lovers that I skipped.

Starters have many options but if you take my advice do not miss the Kebabs on their menu. I particularly liked the Haryali Kebab.


What you would appreciate most at the restaurants of this luxury hotel is their affectionate attitude. Chefs walk around and talk to you. They try their best to give you what you like. I remember I liked the Chatpata Aaloo a lot and in a lighter vein told the chef that he must teach me how to make them. In the next 2 minutes, he gave me the detailed recipe of the dish. A small twist in his recipe told me how the flavors seeped deep inside the halves of potato on my plate.

The restaurant staff urges you to eat more, and try different dishes as if you are a guest at their home rather than at their workplace. This is a quality that you miss in many modern hotels – a personal touch that says we care.

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Apart from this, there is in-room dining that gives you options across Indian and global cuisine.

Step out in the evenings to savor the street food of Lucknow in Hazrat Ganj Ameenabad, and Chowk – all of them in close proximity to the hotel.

Rooms at the luxury hotel

I stayed in the Club Floor suite that came with a large bedroom and a huge living cum dining room. The bathroom was well-fitted with a Jacuzzi that I was very happy to use after a grueling trip in Ayodhya. It had absolutely everything that you need for a luxury stay including a high-speed internet connection.

Tree of Life - In-room decor
Tree of Life – In-room decor

The rooms are aesthetically done with vintage furniture like brass-studded wooden chests or wood-carved curios or a lit-up mural of the tree of life.

Standard rooms also come with similar interiors.

There are facilities for big and small conferences, a swimming pool and a Gym.

Clarks Awadh LucknowStaying at this luxury hotel in Lucknow is like living a quintessentially Lucknow life, be it in its décor, its food, or its world-famous Tehzeeb or etiquettes.

Check out their website for availability, prices, and other details.

I was hosted by Clarks Awadh in Lucknow, the opinions as always are mine.


  1. The hotel is surely refreshing and relaxing from the outside. I didn’t know a place like this in India and good thing you shared it. Lucknow is surely beautiful.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this post. We know that Lucknow city itself is famous for many aspects of its rich culture, from music, poetry, travel, and food etc. This post is very nice. Thanks for sharing this interesting post with us.

  3. Thanks for your post. I have been to some places in India but I have not experienced it at Lucknow. Clarks Awadh Hotel, It is really a very attractive place for me. If I have the opportunity to go to India I will go there.


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