Colorful Furniture Of Sankheda, Vadodara, Gujarat

Typical designs of Sankheda Furniture
Typical designs of the furniture made locally

Sankheda is a small village located about 45 km’s South-East of Vadodara. This is a usual Gujarati / Indian village but for the fact that many families here produce a certain type of wooden furniture that is made only here. Of course, it goes by the name Sankheda woodwork – and its distinction lies in the use of lacquer for giving it a shiny finish. Well, lacquer is no longer used. And has been commonly replaced by the enamel paint that is not only easier to work with but has given the artisans here a larger range of colors and color combinations to work on.

Sankheda Furniture

Jhoola made in Sankheda
Jhoola made in the town

We drove from Vadodara to Sankheda via Dabhoi to meet these artisans. As we walked in the narrow streets, we saw a lot of silver shops with typical tribal silver jewelry. When asked we were directed into another lane where we could find furniture shops and workshops. It being a Dussehra day, not many shops were open. But we could spot a shop being managed by two young women. They showed us various wooden items that are made here – right from small chowkis to dandiya sticks to temples and cradles. And of course, the Jhoola that is so much synonymous with the Gujarati interiors.

Bajod from Sankheda


After a few requests, one of these women took me to see their workshop. I saw the Sangwon wood pieces that are given shape using a machine before being painted with a base color. Melamine painting in the final base color on which designs are then hand painted. Most designs are floral or geometric patterns. The original practice was to finish the products using lacquer that used to give a chocolate color. But now this color is achieved through polishing only. We were told the old process was very tedious and time taking. And now almost no one does it anymore. Later when we walked around this artisan street, we could see the half-carved wooden pieces dominating the exteriors of many houses.

Wooden frames of yesteryears used in the furniture making
Wooden frames of yesteryears used in the furniture making

Popular woodwork of Sankheda

Popular items of woodwork include Bajod or low stools for Puja, Bangle stands, dandiya sticks, temples, sofa sets, Jhoolas, etc. This small village also exports its furniture nationally as well as internationally. If you have visited Gujarati homes, in all probability you would have seen a glimpse of this kind wooden work furnitures.

Small wooden temple
Small wooden temple

It is one of the many small centers of excellence that India has and not many of us know about.

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  1. It looks like a beautiful crafts village. Like I saw in some Kutch villages, I suppose the artisans here too are fairly comfortable (in terms of avenues for earning) and export most of their stuff to Ahmadabad or Delhi?

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