Colorful Malaysian Fruits To Try In Kuala Lumpur


Malaysian Fruits are an integral part of Malaysian cuisine and you can find them insight across the country. Here I share some of the fruits that are not commonly found in India. While you are on a tour of Malaysia, I recommend you try the variety of fruits there.

Malaysian Fruits To Try – Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur


Fruit of the Lychee family tastes also similar but has a more thorny cover.

Rambutan fruit flesh is sweet and sour to taste after peeling off the skin
Rambutan fruit flesh is sweet and sour to taste after peeling off the skin


Durian Fruit, Malaysian Fruits
Durian Fruit

A fruit from the Jackfruit family, known for its pungent smell. People say that you can either love this fruit or hate it, there is no third way.


A bunch of Mangosteen, Malaysian Fruits
A bunch of Mangosteen fruits

Another fruit that has Lychee like pulp but a hard exterior.

Dragon Fruit aka Pitaya

It is colorful on the outside but is dull light grey inside with white dots, probably that is what gives it the name.

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

This is a typical roadside fruit shop.

Typical street side Fruit shop
Typical street side Fruit shop in Malaysia

Sweet Mountain Apple

This, to me, looks like a variety of pear, but it is actually called Sweet Mountain Apple.

Sweet Mountain Apple, Malaysian Fruits
Sweet Mountain Apple on sale on the streets

Salak or Snake Fruit

Salak or Snake fruit
Salak or Snake fruit

It is possible that you can find some of these fruits in upmarket fruit vendors. Potentially imported fruits, they are very common fruits of Malaysia and colorful too. It may be better to try them sometimes, who knows you might well like some of them. It is indeed a good practice to include fruits as part of one’s everyday meal, seasonal, local, and of-course affordable.

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  1. Very interesting fruits! I knew about Rambutan and Mangosteen, but the others, no idea.. Thanks for the informative post.

  2. I have seen Rambuthan only which is commonly available in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines etc. but not in India. Still you can buy Rambuthan in India in selected city/shop as they are importing it.

  3. I visited Malaysia recently and every where I see “No Durian Fruit Allowed” signs (in trains, hotels, buses, museums etc.). I tried finding this fruit everywhere and all I saw were Durian cakes, durian puddings, durian chocolates, durian this and durian that. I didn’t want to try any of these processed items. But in the one week I was there, I never did find the actual Durian fruit in RAW pristine format. 🙁


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