Dandeli By The River Kali – Places To Visit In Karnataka

River called Kali at Dandeli place
Kali River at Dandeli

Kali is a common name for many rivers that flow across Indian subcontinent right from Nepal to Uttarakhand to MP and Karnataka. Last week I got to spend some time by the Kali River that flows through Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Not too far from my current home in Goa. The first thing that we encountered as we drove towards Dandeli is the tall dam called Supa Dam on the river and the backwater that it creates. Towards the end of the day, we saw the sun setting on the backwaters from the ramparts of a wall bridging the area for a dam. There were lots of tourists swimming and playing at the edges.

Water sports on Kali river, Dandeli

Kayaking watersports on Kali river at Dandeli
Kayaking Watersports at Dandeli
Watersports at Dandeli

Kayaking & Canoeing

After a sumptuous lunch at Dandeli Jungle Camp, we went to Bison River Resort that is right next to the river. It is the place for all kinds of water sports like White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Coracle ride, boating, river crossing etc. We did some light adventure activities like kayaking in the river for some time followed by a Coracle ride. We sat on the banks of the rivers and watched others getting ready to dare the white waters in their rafts.

Natural Jacuzzi by Kali river, Dandeli

natural jacuzzi created by kali river at Dandeli
Natural Jacuzzi by Kali river at Dandeli
natural jacuzzi by kali river
Jacuzzi by Kali river

After some time we were taken across the river for Jacuzzi. I had no idea what it meant, but anything new always leads to curiosity. Now, this was a small area that became a natural pool as the water from the river gushed through giant stones. Falling into the pool with great pressure and then passing through another set of stones. The pressure with which water landed in this small but natural enclosure created a kind of mini waterfalls.

Experience the Jacuzzi

If you stand below these mini waterfalls, you feel the pressure of water on your body that is absolutely relaxing. You not only enjoy the soothing touch of the clean untreated water but also its pressure massaging your body. I was there for good 30 minutes. When I came out, it felt all the pains, aches and stress from the body has been left behind in that pool. I highly recommend natural Jacuzzi to anyone visiting Dandeli.

waiting tourists by river kali
Tourists waiting for their turn for water sports
serene nature by kali river at Dandeli forest
Serene moments by the Kali river at Dandeli Forest

Relax by the Kali River

In between activities, birds flying across the river kept us engaged. There were many hornbills on both banks of the river with their heavier than the body beak size. A platform built on drums was the favorite place of couples that lent some romance to the air. A bent mango tree on the bank creates a canopy. While Kayaking and boating people pass under it for a surreal feeling. Something that ports you to a different world that has water below and trees all around.

River Rafting

Not too far from the Bison River Resort, the river level moves down suddenly for 10-20 feet. This is where white water is created and can be seen from a distance. See the peaceful river water converting into a riot of whitewater bubbling with energy. Then settling back into the peaceful pace looks pretty much a metaphor for its visitors. Those who have a sudden burst of energy on weekends in between their mundane routine lives.

Dandeli River Rafting scene
Dandeli River Rafting

The water of river appeared black to me from a distance and I thought this might be this is the reason it is given the name Kali. I took water in my hands, and No, it was not black – it was clean and transparent. I looked at the greenery around whose reflection could have made the water look dark. But it should have lent green color to the water. I am not sure if the base of the river has something that lends it the color or creates an illusion of it being black. Or maybe it was a figment of my overworked imagination.

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore, Pune …

Dandeli Karnataka is a good weekend getaway from Goa, Pune, Hubli, Belgaum and maybe even Bangalore and Mumbai. We were told there are about 25 different adventure activities that you can do in Dandeli – we explored about 5-6 of them, will write about rest of them in next post.

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