Deccan Odyssey – 7 Nights On The Luxury Train


One fine day, earlier this year I got an invite from Maharashtra Tourism to join them on a week-long journey on the ultra-luxury train appropriately called Deccan Odyssey. The train was to go to tourist places in Maharashtra and Goa. At the same time, you stay onboard for 7 nights and do the sightseeing during the day. I had already seen destinations like Ajanta, Ellora, and Goa but Kolhapur, Sindhudurg & Nasik were new to me.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Tourist Train Logo
Logo of the luxury train

So, on the day of Holi, I landed in Mumbai on empty streets with colorful people. And reached CST station platform no 18, to board the train. The Deccan Odyssey luxury train of Maharashtra Tourism is similar to the famous Palace on Wheels of Rajasthan Tourism.

The traditional welcome to the guests on board the luxury train at Aurangabad station
The traditional welcome to the guests on board the luxury train at Aurangabad station

Deccan Odyssey – Luxury Train of Maharashtra Tourism

It was a pleasant surprise to see a festival-like atmosphere with ladies in traditional Maharashtrian attire welcoming the guests. Live music played on the platform and the professionalism with which the luggage was handled, the boarding pass was presented, and guests were ushered into the elegantly upholstered interiors of this royal purple-colored luxury train. Little did I know that this would repeat at every railway station that we land at for the next 7 days! A neat cabin with an en-suite bathroom. A large glass window was to be my home for the next 8 days. As I pulled the window curtains, I knew that this is going to be my window from a palace to India across the miles that we travel. The contrast was visible as soon as I saw the outskirts of Mumbai CST station, and this contrast took many hues over the next few days.

A scene from the plush lounge of Deccan Odyssey
A scene from the plush lounge of the luxury train journey

Royal Treatment

The train is designed to treat its guests like royalty. As it must have existed in the days of forts and palaces that they are taken to during the trip. Two restaurants fueled by two kitchens served the meals, handled by the proficient kitchen staff of the Taj group. A bar with lavender-colored furniture was as inviting as it can get. A conference room cum games room but library cum concert hall was a place that could be refurbished with a bit of moving around for various purposes.

One evening we had a live Hindustani classical concert. It was an experience to hear live music where the movement of the train provided its own rhythm. On the last evening on the train, this coach was transformed into a discotheque with everyone onboard dancing to the loud music. And the train movement topping the moves with its jerks.


There was a gym, a beauty parlor, a spa, and a business center to take care of all your potential needs. Each coach had a small lounge area for people to sit and chat over Chai. Despite the entire infrastructure, it was the caring attitude of the staff that stands out in the whole experience. The butlers were someone we all wanted to take back home with us. Kitchen staff established a personal connection and would go the extra mile to make sure that you would remember each meal. They even shared the recipe for a couple of dishes that I drooled over.

Deccan Odyssey train parked at a station
The train parked at a station

As the train used to be parked at some small stations and we had our gourmet meals in the luxurious restaurants on board, it was the contrast inside and outside the train that kept coming back to me.

Hilarious Moments

Sometimes we had hilarious moments when people used the one-way glass as a mirror. And admired themselves without realizing we are looking at them. This is when we came closest to observing a man spending time with himself. Conversing with himself through various expressions, checking out his hairstyles, his teeth, and his face from various angles. This is probably how a man expresses love to himself by admiring himself in a mirror. By reading his own face and by crafting a look for the rest of the world. Then there were children and women peeping in and wondering what kind of a train it is. At one of the stations, I got down to meet a friend, accompanied by the butler in the red uniform, and the questions that came our way were hilarious and at the same time insightful.

At innumerable places, from the lap of luxury, we saw amazing landscapes, beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, fields, and sometimes absolute filth. It was the metaphor of sitting in an ivory tower coming alive.

Luxurious dining Hall of the train
Luxurious dining Hall of the train


At another level, I was one of the very few Indians among the guests who came from literally all corners of the world. I could meet and connect with a few of them. As I go through their business cards and look at their websites, I feel so enriched to have met them. As most of them are achievers in their own way. Did I mention that since you are restricted within the train limits as it moves between destinations, you do get ample time to spend with fellow travelers? I would not be surprised if many business deals are stuck on the move. MTDC, you may want to track this…:-)

A welcome team at every station
A welcome team at every station

Do I recommend this ultra-luxury train trip on Deccan Odyssey? Well, I would say, if you can afford it, this may be one of the few opportunities available to experience the royalty and richness of India in its whole grandeur and style. No doubt, it comes at a cost, but in the end, you will cherish the experience of Luxury Train Journeys. And memories crafted for the rest of your life.

Thank you MTDC for giving me this lovely experience.

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  1. Good to read about your experience ! I can only imagine how it must have been.

    Have always wanted to get on-board one of these luxury trains myself.

  2. Great description of our journey, Anu! Brings back fond memories, for sure. I like your mention of the contrasts we experienced, these are very much still with me. Nice pics, too!

  3. Is this similar to Rajasthan on Wheels? The interiors look very royal, and I am sure it would be a great and difference experience of sightseeing in India!

  4. This is looking like “Rajeshahi thaat”.I like youir blog and the photos that you have been updated in this blog.I also like the typically Marathi style to welcome some one.

  5. Hi, Your all blogs on maharashtra are really well written, we welcome you to do one one on your “Majestic Maharashtra” with Panchgani. Hope to see u soon in Panchgani.


  6. You may mention Panhalla Fort.That is oldrst Fort Shivaji Maharaj.
    I was in Kholapur for few months.I went one place, a small village near Kholapur. These village have every thing,men n women working their daily works like farming,fishing,cattles are on field,children are playing…….. But they don’t have life,they are not brrathing……..because these all are made of CLAY.Please if anyone is going in near future to Kholapur visit that place to inspire all those Artist

  7. This really seems like an awesome journey to embark. I see that apart from the luxury and comfort – what these trains provide is a lot of savings in terms of time . When you get to explore places by the day and get transferred from one place to another while sleeping at night – it seems to be a lucrative option for the time constrained.


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