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A few months back, after I got a little comfortable with my driving skills, I wanted to do ‘Explore Bangalore’, in my vision to ‘know the place where you live’. Discussed this with few friends, everyone said it’s a good idea, but I discovered that most people were not really convinced of the idea. Just when I was thinking of ‘Ekla Chalo re..’, I found that in a way I was exploring Bangalore by going to new food joints, which is essentially food joints new to me, and this website came handy to find the new joints.

Explore Bangalore Food

So here the restaurants that I explored in recent past with my brief recommendation:

  1. Café Y, Langford Town – Must Go, loved the food here.
  2. Mainland China, Church Street – Must Go if you like Chinese Food, Closest to authentic Chinese that you can get in Bangalore.
  3. Little Italy, Indira Nagar, Italian – Best Place for Italian Food. Especially like it for the fact that they serve vegetarian food.
  4. Bangalore Bistro, Cunninghan Road – Good Food.
  5. Magnolia, Koramangala – Good for quiet dinners.
  6. Tamarind, Koramangala – Good Continental Food.
  7. Mast Kalandar, Bannerghatta Road – Amazing Paranthas and quite close to the home food, especially for North Indians.
  8. Ragoos, Jayanagar – Can Go Place.
  9. Chandni Chowk, Koramangala – Can go if you like exploring, rustic ambiance though the food is just about fine.
  10. Halli Mane, Malleshwaram – Go for the experience of Rural food – if you want to eat local food, this is the go-to place for you.
  11. Three Quarter Chinese, Church Street – Avoid.

Next series of ‘Explore Bangalore’, comes with my visiting 10 new places for food or otherwise.

It seems this Explore Bangalore is becoming an obsession with me, I should soon find some other aspects of Bangalore as well.


  1. – Have you tried ‘Queens’?.Its a very very small place on the same road where Pub – NASA is.Its in the opposite lane of the the pub.

    -Also try “Coconut Grove” for keralite food.I don’t know exactly where it is but i guess on the same road as queens.

    Common ones –
    -Tandoor:MG road
    -Canopy:Utility building
    -Ebony:Barton center.

    Note:Information is more than 6 years old.

  2. How about
    : A dosa on next road to Commercial Street
    : Sweet sambar in uphar sagar, jaynagar
    : narial ka pani in cubbon park
    : a kufi at bowring
    : ginger tea at my friends place, her mom makes the best..

    How about that? You will not find any of these out of Bangalore….

  3. Hi Anu,
    looks like uv scouted blore from one end to the other.Bangalore bistro is just opposite to my office.the ambience is good though I cant say the same abt the italian food:-)
    While I was reading ur blog thought I could suggest you Halli mane which serves traditional kannada village side cuisine…But when I reached the end realised u had explored it..well did u like it?

  4. Vipps, just realised that have been to all thne places that you have mentioned. I find Queens Ok, Coconut Grove – love the honey flavored coconut water there, Tandoor, Canopy, Ebony are good.

    Santosh, I have tried all things that you mention except that Ginger tea was made by myself n not your Friend’s Mom.

    Karthik, I liked Halli Manne, but more as an explorer, being a North Indian could not appreciate it as much.


  5. Hey Anuradha,

    Never heard of this place Mast Kalandar on Banerghatta road. Would you mind telling me how I reach there?

    I’d like to explore more places on Banerghatta road. If you know of any other place there, pls post the names.

    Thanks very much… 🙂

  6. Sachin, Mast Kalandar is bang opposite Ranka Colony. Ask anyone for Ranka colony near Bilekahalli and you can reach there.

    There are not much places on BG road, will keep posting as and when I discover them.


  7. if Little Italy is the best place for Italian food, what would you say for “100 ft”, a boutique resto in Indira Nagar? what about Casa del Sol on Richmond road?


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