Night Walk On Goa Beaches On A Full Moon Night


From the day I landed in Goa to make it my home, I wanted to do Night Walk On South Goa Beaches on a full moon night. I had to wait some 14 months, but the dream did come true. Last month on the full moon I joined about 50 other trekkers to walk from Velsao beach to Colva beach. The beaches of South Goa change names every few hundred meters but it is essentially one long beach.

Full Moon on South Goa Beach during night walk of a beach
Full Moon on South Goa Beach during a night walk on a beach

You admire this view best from a flight when you see a long sandy stretch almost a straight line padded with green trees.

Lights of Vasco Goa in the evening
Lights of Vasco Goa in the evening

Night Walk On Goa Beaches on a Full Moon Night

The full moon has always had a magical impact on me. In fact, I dread driving on a full moon night for I can get lost in the moon and forget the driving bit. So, I was all excited when Eco Treks announced this full-moon trek. There was no way I was going to miss this. I must thank Eco Treks for making an exception to include me in the group. We reached the beachside around 10:30 PM. After a cup of tea and snacks started walking southward.

Beach Shacks during night walk on a beach
Beach Shacks during a night walk on a beach

Full Moon & Roaring Sea during the Night Walk

Moon was at its magical best, trying to make the waters of the sea shine. The waves of the sea were roaring and when they hit the shore it was like a volcanic eruption. During the day you can see the waves, you can see them coming from a distance. But at night you realize them only when they hit the shore. If the meeting of waves and shore is like gentle friendly chitchat during the day, at night it is like the violent annihilation of two lovers into each other.

I wonder if the sea is violent every day or if it is also under the spell of the full moon that is supposed to turn on a bit of madness in all of us.

Boats on the beach during night walk on a beach
Boats on the beach during a night walk on a beach

Night walk on Beaches

Boats standing on the shore are witnesses to this drama. They stand still on the comforting sand. Relaxing before the day begins for them in the next few hours and they have to make their way on this very sea. A boat after every few meters looked like houses in a village at night. Each is wrapped in its own self, oblivious to the presence of others. Human activity was limited to a couple of groups like ours walking on the beach. And a couple of beach shacks still operating.

We walked 6-7 kilometers on Night Walk on the Goa Beaches trip to reach Utorda Beach before we returned.

On the return walk slowly the sea started looking as if it is engulfed in a layer of smoke. Now there can be no fire on the water, is there something wrong with my eyes? I point it out to my fellow walkers and they all see the smoke. We figured out that it was early morning already. And it is the dew or mist that is forming. It was a surreal experience to see the mist on top of the sea with moonlight shining through it.

Cleaning of fish in the morning
Cleaning of fish in the morning

Night Life of Goan Fishermen

My discovery on this Night Walk On Goa Beaches was the nightlife of Goan fishermen. All along the beach, we saw these men pulling out the fishing nets that they had laid earlier in the day. About 100 meters in length, these 10-12 men would be pulling out the net from the sea. They rotate themselves till the net is out and the fish can be taken out. You have to stand there to see the hard work they do through the night on the deserted beaches that are bustling with tourists during the day.

In the morning we went to the beach and found these fishermen now joined by their womenfolk too – cleaning and sorting the catch. The long fishing net that was being pulled at night is now all over the beach.

Fish catch

The fish on the net are still stuck in the mud, so two young men take them in small portions and clean the fish. Cleaned fish is then sorted by type in various baskets and there is one basket of crabs. What I did not know is that so many other creatures including water snakes get trapped along with the fish. I saw some sea snakes moving around on the beach. As the fishermen and their families went about their business of cleaning and sorting the fish.

Baskets of Fish and Crabs at South Goa beaches
Baskets of Fish & Crabs

Being a vegetarian, I know nothing about fish, but as a business student, I did a rough calculation and figured out that the labor of 20-odd people for the day would at most yield 4000-5000 Rs.

Water Snake on the South Goa Beach
Water Snake on the beach

Do’s & Don’ts for a Night Walk On Goa Beaches

Do not walk barefoot, however tempting it may sound. I had a big thorn in my foot as soon as I tried walking barefoot and that can be painful for the rest of the walk. Not to mention the insects, glass pieces, and other unseen objects in the sand that can prove dangerous as the visibility is very low.

  • Do not go alone. Not only because it is not safe, but in the case of an emergency there would not be anyone available to help. It can be damn scary to do a night walk alone.
  • Keep the family and the local police station informed about your intended night walk even when you go in a group.
  • Carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Have some food in hand. I was damn hungry after the night walk and thankfully had something to eat in my bag.
  • Do not sleep on the beach. You can choose to sleep in a hotel/lodge /house close to it but not on the beach.
  • Unless you need pictures for a purpose, ditch the camera and just soak in the sheer romance of a Night Walk on the Beach.

Experience this Night Walk on Goa Beaches under the moon at least once in your life.

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  1. Full moon maybe is having its effects on sea and large waves are the results. The first time years years ago when I saw the sea first time I was little afraid by the sound of waves.

    If I am correct once I did walking from Baga to Calangute beach at dark night hours. A meditation maybe.

  2. Anu Mam, you make sure to take the readers to the very same scenario which made you fall in love and write about it. How you do it I don’t know but I’m totally up for it! I get my vivid and vibrant imaginations spiking up while reading your lines.
    Well written and beautifully framed. Just as the way you felt!

  3. My wife and I have visited Goa from the UK 11 times..a truly beautiful experience the last visit was 3 months and stayed in a lovely apartment… the holiday of life time… love the place.

  4. Thanks Anuradha for this post. It’s been a dream of mine to do this night walk; i anyways prefer staying in South Goa and have spent a considerable time on its beaches

    Night walk is on my bucket list for long. Actually following your posts gives me a steady update on India:-) Like the time I learnt about the art museum close to my home in Gurgaon.
    keep writing inditales. You are the real brand ambassador for #incredibelindia


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