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What is Real India? – Malls or Slums? Any Thoughts

After reading so much of written word on Slumdog Millionaire, I finally did watch it. There were endless debates that I had read before I saw the movie. Debating if this is poverty porn...
Indian Post

Indian Post – An Experience With Speed Post

After ages, disgruntled by the services provided by the courier companies, I thought of sending an important paper to my parents in Noida using our Indian Post. The process was simple. I reached my...
Indian Theatre

Revival Of Indian Theatre – Change Over Decades

Since the time Ranga Shankara has been launched in Bangalore a few years back, the Indian theatre or theater scene in Bangalore has definitely become more vibrant. But my small ‘Google research’ says that theatre...
Vividh Bharti Radio Station

Re-discovering Vividh Bharti & Listening

Radio Image sourced from Shutterstock Once upon a time when I was in school, I used to wait for the Nirma Jingle on Vividh Bharti that used to come at dot 7:55 AM which used to...

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