Best Of Goa Summer Delights – Pink & Purple Fruits


Goa Summer Delights - Cashew, Pineapple, Rose Water Apple, Kokum, Carranz, Cotton Fruit, Sweet Lime, JackfruitGoa Summer Delights surprised? Summers can be harsh in Goa. Fruits are the Goa Summer Delights of this tiny state that bring some cheer and make the summer heat seem a bit bearable. It almost feels like nature’s way of compensating for the killing heat. It all begins with a series of Cashew festivals in the state sometime in April. Once the hullabaloo is over, step into the lovely markets of Goa and you would discover these summer fruits that you can relish. We regularly go to Panaji Municipal Market and off and on go to Mapusa market that is a bit away but a little more vibrant. This season I saw some fruits that I have not seen elsewhere and that called for sharing this blog post.

Relish these Goa Summer Delights

Bibbe or Raw Cashew Nut

Bibbe or Raw Cashew Nut, Goa Summer Delights
Bibbe or Raw Cashew Nuts – Seasonal during the summers

Cashew is the king of Goa. No matter what mode you take to enter Goa, the piles of cashew would welcome you. You find them at the airport, at the railway station, at bus stations, and at all possible tourist corners along with its baby Feni. Now what you may not have seen is the wet or raw cashew, locally called ‘Bibbe’ that you get only during summers – typically Mid-March to Mid-June. You buy it by pieces, at peak season something like a Rupee per piece and at other times a bit higher. You need to soak it for a while to be able to peel the skin and eat it raw. It tastes yummier than its dry & hardened version that we usually consume. I guess to make curry out of this would also be easier though the thought of rich curries in this summer heat is repelling.

My verdict – Must try if you are in Goa during the summer months. You may like to read my blog post on Cashew-trail at Park Hyatt

Zaam or Jaam or Water Rose Apple

Water Rose Apple or Jaam - a Goa Summer Delights
Water Rose Apple or Jaam in its various shades, Goa Summer Delights

This triangular conical fruit comes in 2 colors – light green and dark pink and within these colors in various shades. This can be seen all over the place including on the trees if you look carefully. It is quite a bland fruit with almost no taste. Absolutely hollow inside it is just a thin layer that you eat – but it provides the much-needed hydration to take on the summer heat. When you eat, it almost feels like sucking in a bit of glucose but with a minimal sweet taste. Sometimes also called Love apple – I guess because of the heart shape that it can look like from certain angles.

Caranz or Karvandam

Caranz or Karvandam fruit
Caranz or Karvandam fruit

A small purple berry that you find in the markets but more often on the roadside especially when you go south of Margao. On the road, women usually sell them in cones made of leaves – what an eco-friendly way to package the products. The taste is Khatta-Meetha or sweet & sour – primarily comes from the pulp of the fruit. Two small flat seeds are embedded in the pulp. The raw version of this fruit, when it is still hard and green is also available for making pickles.

Jackfruit Seeds

Dried Jackfruit seeds - boil or roast to relish the nutritious product
The Jackfruit Seeds – boil or roast to relish the nutritious product

Jackfruit is a favorite fruit in this part of the country and they said each and every part of jackfruit is usable or rather consumable. You get jackfruit almost through the year both as a vegetable and as fruit. During summers in Goa, you get jackfruit seeds that you can boil and eat. Raw they are hard and not so inviting. Boiled and dried – they are equivalent to consuming peanuts in winters in north India.


Kokum Fruit, Dried and Fresh - the signature fruit of Goa
Kokum Fruit, Dried and Fresh – the signature fruit

If I were to choose the state fruit of Goa, I would choose Kokum – for it is truly found only in Goa and around. You can find Kokum products again all over the state – including dried Kokum. In summers though you get fresh Kokum fruit – in its pink-purple color. However, the more durable dried one remains on shelves around the year. There are innumerable things you can do with Kokum, but I like it the best as a mild drink or lightly flavored sharbat. Sol Kadi is a perfect Kokum drink to have.


Jamun or purple berry found around India in the summers to relish
Jamun the summer fruit to relish

This is a fruit found across India. If you travel a bit outside the urban areas and take a morning walk, you would often find yourself walking over this purple berry. Jamun is a native fruit that gives the Indian subcontinent its indigenous name Jambudweep. Incidentally, it also comes in summers, and Goa, still not so urban, lets you enjoy it in abundance.

Desi Amla or Gooseberry

Amla or Gooseberry - Goa Summer Delights
Amla or Gooseberry

You get this small Amla with its well-contoured grooves. This is about 10-20% of the size of regular Amla, has no sheen, and is not as sour, making it easier to eat it raw. Eat it raw and keep a lot of diseases away. Pickle it to relish it for the rest of the year.

Churna or Cotton Fruit

Churna fruit
Churna fruit

Saw this white cottony fruit only once in Mapusa Market. Small soft white balls being sold in green cones made of leaves. On the tongue, it is like putting a piece of a moist cotton swab with again a very bland taste. I was told it grows on a plant that is used for making fences. I assume it is a wild berry of a kind with underdeveloped pulp.

Pink Pineapple

Pink Baby Pineapple - Fruits of Goa
Pink Baby Pineapple

Baby pineapples with pink skin. It is lovely to see them growing in the neighborhoods.

Pink Sweet Lime

Sweet Lime - Fruits of Goa
Sweet Lime – Another Pink Fruit

Another summer fruit, this one is a huge sweet lime fruit with the pink pulp. It tastes Khatta Meetha – a little sourer than the regular orange/yellow sweet lime. What intrigues me about this fruit is its big size and pink color almost like a giant monster seen wearing a baby pink color.

Mangoes – Best of Goa Summer Delights

Mango Fruit stalls in Panaji Market
Mango Fruit stalls in Panaji Market

Finally, these are Goa’s contribution to Mango diversity in India.

Goans make jams of almost all these fruits – though am not a very Jam person so have not tried any of them.

As I finished writing this I realize Pink/Purple is the dominant color of Summer fruits in Goa.

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  1. Love all these fruits and get most of them in Mumbai too especially the small amlas, karvandeh and love apples which I like a lot.

  2. Jamun is one such fruit that visit market for very less days. I love it with salt. 🙂
    Good post Anuradha ji. Thanks for writing. Keep traveling no matter summer or winter.

  3. I haven’t seen most of these fruits in their Goan form myself. I have been awed by different types of fruits when I went to Thailand but there is so much more to see in India itself. Great post and photos.

  4. I love to have Kokum drink whenever I go to Dilli Haat here in Delhi. Did not know about Jackfruit seeds, I use the whole fruit to cook a side dish 🙂

  5. “Hi Anuradha Goyal!
    I was browsing through your blog and I never noticed some of those fruits in Goa. The pictures look so exotic and beautiful. I regretted not researching before visiting the state. The next time I go to Goa I’ll surely treat myself to those fruits. Thank you!”

  6. Apart from tropical fruits like Bhindaa, fanaas, Mavinkurad/ Apoos mangoes and wild berries Charaa, Chunna, Kanda, Bedsaa, Goa has more summer fruits which are facing extinction: Zagamaa, Chapehraa, and many related berries, info and knowledge to be shared so that it can be passed on to the next generation

  7. That’s not all pink and purple but loved reading about them. The white cotton ball type fruit is puzzling me. The pink sweet lime is actually grapefruit and very delicious when used in salads.

  8. Great tips, and thanks for the post!
    This post is just brilliant! Last year I was always in a hurry and dying to see everything, carrying with me a notebook with pretty much every hour planned. It’s much better when you just go with the flow, like you say. The unexpected experiences tend to be the ones I remember the best.

  9. Other fruits found in summer are fatarphala, chafra, chara, bhedsa, jackfruit, gota( small mangoes), pitkula, avaldhote(fruit of bakuli tree)
    During other seasons fruits like adama, matama, jagma, hasale.
    Specially during Ran navmi festival prasad of wild berries is offered like chunna, chafra, chara, jambla. kanta is offered to Shri Ram


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