Guest Post Guidelines for IndiTales

We are very slowly opening up the IndiTales platform for you. You are welcome to contribute your travel stories, travel tips or anything else that you think fits in what Inditales stands for.

What can I write about?

Travel Stories and Travel Tips is what makes the bulk of a travel blog. Do read a few posts and see that you can add to existing stories on IndiTales.

We would prefer stories about destinations that are not already covered on the blog, although it is not a condition. Your personal experience of a travel, adventure, meeting other travelers, trying a new cuisine or anything like that would make a good story. We also like educational series that explain some aspect of travel to our readers. For example, see this post on – How to read Ajanta Paintings? However, in such cases we expect you to have a certain level of authority on the subject.

Any promotion/self-promotion would not be entertained.

All posts must be original and not published elsewhere in any form.

Feel free to bounce any other creative ideas with us at [email protected] In fact, you must discuss the idea with us before you start working on the post.

Can I put links in the guest post?

No commercial links in the guest post. For commercial links in posts write to us separately. You are welcome to put up to 2 relevant links in the post including one in your bio.

We need your picture and a brief bio ( about 50-100 words) to go with the story.

What should the post comprise?

The post should be at least 1500 words. A 2000-2200 words post is ideal. Word count includes the words in your Bio.

We would need at least 3-5 images to go with the story. Images must be copyright free, any infringement would be your responsibility. For your own images, the submission would mean your permission to let us use the images with your blog post.

You can also submit a photo-essay with a minimum of 10 images. We would still need at least 400 words to go with the photo essay including the words in your bio.

Please do a spell check and grammar check before submitting the stories.

We prefer stories that come from your own personal first-hand experience. We strongly discourage stories done based on secondary research.

Stories must be original and not published elsewhere including your own blogs. You can re-publish them after 30 days on your own platforms. You remain the moral author/owner of the content and we will own the publishing rights.

We reserve the right to translate the article for our Hindi Blog. You will be accredited as the author just like the English Blog.

Do I get paid for writing the guest post for IndiTales?

No, this is an opportunity for you to reach out to our audience & build your body of work as a travel writer.

Changes to the Guest Post

We reserve the right to edit the stories to match the style and tone of IndiTales.

We also reserve the right to not publish the story if we need to for some reason, although we do not see a reason for this to happen too often.

All-purpose email – [email protected]