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Recently, came across this interesting website Jim Roger – Millennium Adventure, which showcases the ‘Millennium Adventure’ by Paige Parker & Jim Rogers. This couple went on a three-year-long, around-the-world trip from Jan 1999 to Jan 2002. In a specially designed bright yellow Mercedes. Passing through 116 countries, and 6 continents, covering 245,000 km. Creating a Guinness world record. To quote from the site “We met extraordinary and ordinary people, drove through war zones, blizzards, deserts, jungles, faced epidemics, and tasted the divine and sometimes horrible food while covering vastly diverse landscapes, cultures, and societies”.

Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers Source – http://www.jimrogers.com/

World Travel – Paige Parker & Jim Rogers

They have well-documented the travel with photographs, audio, and videos. You can actually see them either by date or by country and city. They also tell you where they stayed and what the mileage of the car was when they reached there. Apparently, they traveled with few assistants. A webmaster who documented the day and updated in on the website, and a videographer to shoot videos. They carried some high-tech equipment like a Navigation system, a notebook computer, satellite phones, and walkie-talkies. The packing list published on the site is more detailed than you would expect it to be.

Post his trip he wrote a book called Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip, where apparently he talks about his travel and the potential investment opportunities in the countries he traveled to. Will read this book sometime…

The most interesting thing for me on the site is the Route map. When I looked at it, depicting the route that they took using a red line, my eyes just kept moving up and down, left and right. I kept visualizing a car with a couple traveling around the various corners of the world.

Have to publish a similar route map for me one day….

PS: If you want to have your own countries visited Map, you can go to World66.

Update 2015: I have read the Jim Rogers book and found yet another way to travel the world.


  1. I agree you need money for these kind of travels, but I am sure if you really want to do it, you can manage it in much less money as well and there are other ways to travel. Time I guess, all of us have the same amount of time, I am sure they also planned and managed 3 years of their lives. If I have an equally stron inclination, I am sure I will also manage time for it.

    Good to read about Guevara…keep sharing such stories.



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