Stay At Balkatmane Heritage Resort At Beloor, Udupi


The tourism industry is making a difference when you start seeing luxury as well as boutique spas and resorts in rural India. Driving along the Arabian Sea in coastal Karnataka we took a detour toward the small village named Beloor near Kundapura in the Udupi district. We passed by a small bird sanctuary where we were told you find many peacocks when it rains. Driving on the narrow streets dissecting the fields, we reached this mansion-like building called Balkatmane Heritage Resort, which was to be our home for the next day.

Traditional architecture of the building at Balkatmane Heritage Resort
The traditional architecture of the Heritage Resort building

Balkatmane Heritage Resort

Balkatmane Interiors
Welcome area of the resort

The Balkatmane Heritage Spa is a sister resort of Sai Vishram Beach Resort. That I had earlier reviewed. We were given a traditional welcome. After which I took a spa treatment and was hoping to be relaxed after a day of hectic water sports. It was nice but was it the best I ever had – definitely not. The spa team comes from Bangalore and is not a resident. But I assume they will have a resident team and a resident doctor once the resort picks up some traction.

Carved door at Balkatmane
A carved door at the heritage resort


The food at Balkatmane was something to die for. Authentic South Canara food cooked in an open kitchen. That the guests can look at it as they eat is served with a lot of affection. And that adds to the taste of the food. All three meals that we had at Balkatmane had us wanting more than our stomachs could hold. The food was authentic and that also meant it was damn spicy, but then that is how the locals eat. Biscuit Ambade – a Mangalore version of traditional south Indian Wada is something to die for. Kori Roti kept me wondering how the hell they make it so thin, so uniform, crisp, and of course tasty.

Corridors at Balkatmane
Balcony corridor


I loved the property. It is a small resort with 8 rooms with all modern facilities including an Internet connection that works. The layout of the property creates an ambiance of living in a rich family home of yesteryears. All the windows have a distinct character, which is rooted, in the local architecture. The flooring comes from Tamil Nadu.

Luxurious rooms at Balkatmane Heritage Resort
Luxurious rooms at the resort

A lovely swing stands in the courtyard. A giant bowl with floating flowers provides serenity to the environment. Paintings and artifacts on the walls are worth taking a look at. If you can cross the language barrier convince a staff member to tell you the backstories.

Library at the resort
Library at the resort


I have a huge bias toward properties that have a library. This one has a lovely library on the 1st floor. Thankfully I was staying right next to this library. They have a good collection of coffee table books. Actually, it is a perfect place to sit back, relax and read while being served great food. Walking around the property you can spot a lot of birds.

Peacock at the resort
Peacock at the resort

Balkatmane heritage spa is perfect for those looking for a quiet and relaxed holiday in the midst of nature with good food.



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