Hua Hin – An Elitist Beach Town Of Thailand


Hua Hin is located bang opposite the famous Pattaya beach. That is if you could swim across the Gulf of Thailand in a straight line. In character too, the two towns stand on opposite ends. While Pattaya is a hub for mass tourism, it is here where the nobility of Thailand lived in earlier times. And today it’s being promoted by as a premium wedding and honeymoon destination. We were told that the King and Queen of Thailand also live here and not in Bangkok making it a living royal city.

Hua Hin Beach, Thailand
Hua Hin Beach, Thailand

Hua Hin, Thailand

Railway Station

Royal Pavilion at Hua Hin Railway Station
Royal Pavilion at the railway station

The biggest attraction besides its beaches is its small but beautiful railway station. In Pale Yellow and red, this Railway station gives the feeling of being an ethnic building rather than a mechanical rail-halting place. The most photographed part of this railway station is the Royal Pavilion which is used only by the King and his family and otherwise remains closed. You can see the ubiquitous elephant heads carved in the panels of this pavilion. And that too in Yellow – the color of the present King.

Beachfront, Hua Hin

Mermaid at Hua Hin beachfront
Mermaid at the beachfront

Due to the King’s residence, the Thai Navy secures a large part of the shore. You can see their royal ships guarding the beach around the palace. You can, of course, stay at beachside resorts that dot the shore or stop by small restaurants for a meal. It is a long beach so you see the vast horizon that is only interrupted by an occasional ship or boat. This sculpture of a mermaid stood by the beach near a restaurant where we had lunch.

All the photographers in the group went berserk clicking pictures of it. We stayed at the luxurious Dusit Thani Resort with a small but private beach. And an Olympic-sized swimming pool that never gets out of view while you are on the property.

Dusit Thani Resort
Dusit Thani Resort

Night Market

Night Markets are quite common in this part of the world. I strolled through the night market that happens in one long street in the main market. For those who enjoy seafood, it looked like a place to go with food on carts, in small shops, and in a medium-sized open restaurant. There were colorful shops that sold souvenirs, garments, and footwear. Lots of them carried a local stamp on them. It is a pleasure to walk in this market as you see the tourists and shopkeepers interact. Yes, most of the people hovering in the market did seem to be tourists. I did not see many locals shopping here.

Venezia Shopping complex

Venezia Shopping complex
Venezia Shopping complex

On the other end of shopping is Venezia – a theme-shopping complex with many attractions within the complex including a mini zoo and a 3D museum. An attempt to re-create Venice, it even lets you take a Gondola ride in the artificially created canals. The complex has entry fees. Locals feel that it should be free entry, after all, who wants to pay for shopping? Attractions can have a fee for use.

Nicha Health Spa

Nicha Health Spa
Nicha Health Spa

I tried traditional Thai massage at Nicha Health Spa and it was quite an experience. It was a dry massage where the masseur literally stands on top of you and twists and turns around your body. At times I was scared and felt I would not get up from that bed with all my bones intact and had to tell my masseur to stop. Overall after the massage, it did feel good as if all the tiredness had been squeezed out of the body. The massage room had a series of beds all around that could be separated by movable curtains. And about 20-odd people can take massages simultaneously.

Visit it when you want to have a quiet holiday by the beach, away from too many tourists.

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