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Toran and landscape view of the Muktesvara temple

Bhubaneshwar – History Of The Heritage City of India

“Of all the regions on earth, Bharata Khand is the most distinguished. And of all the countries of Bharata Khand, Utkala boasts the highest...
Heritage Banarasi Sari

Silk Saris At The Intersection Of Art, Architecture And Heritage

Art is all about inspiration. Various forms of art take inspiration from each other. They inspire new thoughts and meet at an intersection, unleashing...
Landscape view of Arunachaleshwar Temple and the Arunachaleshwar hill

Arunachaleshwar Temple At Thiruvannamalai – Agni Lingam

The temple of Arunachaleshwar or Arulmigu is situated in the holy town of Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Also called Arunachaleshwarar or Arunachalesvara, this temple...
Lush green station along the meter gauge railway line in Malnad, Karnataka

History Of Indian Railways With Ananth Rupanagudi

Anuradha Goyal: Today we are going to go on a journey of Indian Railways. It’s actually the journey of Indian trains which enable a...
Sethani ka Johara in Churu

Churu – The Colorful Shekhawati Town In Thar Desert

Churu is a small town in Rajasthan close to its borders with Haryana. It is kind of an oasis in the Thar desert, not...
Landscape view of the Tirthan valley

Places To Visit In Tirthan Valley, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful, serene, aesthetic, and travel-friendly states. The famous hill stations of the state such as Manali, Dharamshala,...
Lai Rai Temple at Shirgao in Goa

Shirgaon Lairai Devi And The Seven Sisters Of Goa

Goa has more temples per capita than most other parts of India, contrary to its popular perception. Apart from the Goud Saraswat Temples that...
Landscape view of the Koti Tirtha, Gokarna

Places To Visit In Gokarna For Devotees And Leisure Travelers

Gokarna is an ancient Tirtha Kshetra or a pilgrimage place. Placed uniquely on the beautiful west coast of India, it is surrounded by hills...
Valmiki Ashram Bithoor

Bithoor On Banks Of Ganga: Land Of Brahma And Valmiki

Bithoor is not too far from Kanpur, both the cities are on the banks of Ganga. We have all heard of Kanpur for various...
An ancient boat depicted in terracotta at the heritage of Bishnupur, Bengal

Trade In Ancient Bengal With Anita Bose

https://youtu.be/onDLB7AZhaQ Anuradha Goyal: Namaste and welcome to Detours with me Anuradha Goyal. Today we have with us Smt. Anita Bose Ji from Calcutta. She is an...

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