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Lai Rai Temple at Shirgao in Goa

Shirgaon Lairai Devi And The Seven Sisters Of Goa

Goa has more temples per capita than most other parts of India, contrary to its popular perception. Apart from the Goud Saraswat Temples that...
Landscape view of the Koti Tirtha, Gokarna

Places To Visit In Gokarna For Devotees And Leisure Travelers

Gokarna is an ancient Tirtha Kshetra or a pilgrimage place. Placed uniquely on the beautiful west coast of India, it is surrounded by hills...
Valmiki Ashram Bithoor

Bithoor On Banks Of Ganga: Land Of Brahma And Valmiki

Bithoor is not too far from Kanpur, both the cities are on the banks of Ganga. We have all heard of Kanpur for various...
An ancient boat depicted in terracotta at the heritage of Bishnupur, Bengal

Trade In Ancient Bengal With Anita Bose

https://youtu.be/onDLB7AZhaQ Anuradha Goyal: Namaste and welcome to Detours with me Anuradha Goyal. Today we have with us Smt. Anita Bose Ji from Calcutta. She is an...
Landscape view of the Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar Temple On Banks Of Bhima River Near Pune

Bhimashankar Temple is one of three Jyotirlinga temples in Maharastra. I had visited it a long time back when I was doing my internship...
Masala Chai India

Different Types Of Chai You Must Have In India

Chai is the national drink of India. It is the glue that keeps our friendships intact. A guest cannot leave our homes without being...
Landscape view of Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple, Paroda, Goa

Ancient Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple Atop A Hill In Goa

Chandreshwar Bhootnath temple is one of the oldest temples in Goa. This is a temple that lent its name to the ancient capital of...
Konkan Villas at Swaswara Wellness Resort

Holistic Living At Swaswara On The Om Beach In Gokarna

Gokarna was calling me strongly. I heard the Gokarna Mahatmya, read about it and it is just 150 odd km from Panaji, Goa. When...
Annapoorneshwari Temple Gopuram

Annapoorneshwari Temple Near Kudremukh National Park

Horanadu is a beautiful and scenic village situated in the Western Ghats in the Mudigere Taluk of Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka. It is best...
Radha Krishna riding on an intricatley painted Elephant

Visit Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum In Bhubaneshwar

The Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum is one of the best modern-day museums showcasing the best of the heritage arts and crafts of Odisha....

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