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Nadine Le Prince Haveli Fatehpur

Mandawa And Fatehpur – The Tourist Hub Of Shekhawati

Mandawa is the most popular town when it comes to the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. A typical tourist town buzzing with tourists from all...

Kalinga Nagara Architecture – Rekha, Pidha & Khakhra Deula

Kalinga Nagara style of temple architecture comes from Odisha. Nagara style is generally used for North Indian Temple architecture. It was so popular and prominent that...
Travels in Ancient India

How Did They Travel In Ancient India? – Sumedha Verma Ojha

Anuradha: Namaste, Sumedha Verma Ojha is a former IRS officer which means She understands the economy, taxes, etc. and also She has translated Valmiki...
Statue of Unity - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Statue Of Unity – A Tribute To Sardar Patel The Iron Man Of India

The Statue of Unity is the best among the new age statues, the king of all statues. With a height of 182 meters, this...
Typical Mandapa of a temple

How To Visit Temples? Ramakrishna Kongalla Explains

Anuradha Goyal: As you know I write a lot about temples. I love to visit the temples. So, today I thought I'll invite a...
Saltwater Crocodile

Visiting Nandankanan Zoological Park In Bhubaneshwar

Nandankanan Zoological Park is a popular destination for the locals and visitors to Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha. Nandankanan, in the local language...
Saptamatrikas in Pahadi Miniature

Saptamatrikas – Legends, History, Iconography And Temples

Saptamatrikas literally means seven mothers. They are often seen together on a panel in temples, usually carved on a single stone. Sometimes Ganesh and...
Traditionally dressed performers of Garba songs dance

Best Garba Songs Dandiya Raas For Your Navratri Festivities

Come the Navratri festival, Garba and Dandiya Raas - the traditional Gujarati festivities are the place to head for. They are now popular crowd...
Jagannath Puri Temple

Sri Jagannath Puri Temple – Must See Things

Jagannath Puri is one of the most important pilgrim places in India. Located on the East coast, it is the Dham of Vishnu as...
Decorated Elephants parade at Vadakkumnathan Temple Pooram festival

Vadakkumnathan Temple At Thrissur Pooram In Kerala

Vadakkumnathan Temple is one of the important and oldest temples of Kerala. It is situated in Thrissur, an important religious town of the state....

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