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Visiting The Indian Parliament, Delhi – An Experience

Visiting the Indian Parliament Budget season is when everyone in the country is looking at the parliament, anxious about its impact. The plans may have to change, some things may get added to the shopping...
Rajon Ki Bauli at Mehrauli Archeological Park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park – Places To Visit In Delhi

Mehrauli Archaeological Park - What to See When you say Old Delhi, the image of Shahajahanabad pops up and you want to head there for its Paranthas and other delicacies. But hold on, that is...
Pinks Signs for Women Only Coach in Delhi Metro

Ode To The Delhi Metro’s Women Only Coach

As I move to a new city from Gurgaon, I pause to think what am I going to miss the most from the city. I realize that Delhi Metro is what I am going...

The Fort At Ferozabad aka Feroz Shah Kotla

Early 14th century seems to be have been an era of fort construction in Delhi. As it saw the building of three major forts in the city. First being Tughlaqabad, which was quickly followed...
Entrance of Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi

Tughlaq Forts Of Delhi – Tughlaqabad Fort & Adilabad Fort

Tughlaq Forts - Places to visit in Delhi The two Tughlaq forts stand opposite each other Tughlaqabad Fort & Adilabad Fort. Divided by a road and almost no time, built by father-son duo, none of...

Re-visiting Garden Of 5 Senses Delhi On A Weekend

I had visited Garden of 5 Senses exactly two years back. Yesterday I went there primarily to click the beautiful flowers on display in this space spread over 20 acres located close to the Mehrauli...
Delhi Food Walk Sid Khullar

Delhi Food Walk By Sid Khullar Of Chef At Large

I being a vegetarian would never be able to do justice to Delhi's food on this blog. So I invited Sid Khullar, to do a guest post on Delhi's food walk. Sid is the...
Sher Mandal or Humayun's Library at Purana Qila Delhi

In And Around Purana Qila, Delhi Tourist Attractions

Purana Qila in the heart of Delhi is a unique monument. Standing on the banks of Yamuna, it contains within it the mythology and the stories of the medieval era. And an excavation that...
Chausath Khamba, Basti Nizamuddin, 64 pillared hall with graves of Mughal royals, Delhi

Walk Through The Basti Nizamuddin In Delhi Heritage Area

Nizamuddin along with Mehrauli is one of the oldest living spaces in Delhi. It has been inhabited for more than 700 years now. Originally called Ghyaspur, having been built during the reign of Ghyasuddin...
Walking on walls of Lal Kot, Delhi

Walking On The Walls Of Lal Kot – Delhi Walking Tours

Lal Kot is the oldest known fort of Delhi. Besides, the mythical Indraprastha about which we do not know much. Sometimes it is referred to as the original red fort of Delhi. There is...

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