Miramar, Panaji Beach - Places to visit in Panjim

Places To Visit In Panjim, The Heart Of Goa

Panjim or Panaji, Goa has been home for me for last few years. We tend to take our homes for granted, so did I. This post took so long to write, but I hope...
Azulejos - Goa

Azulejos the Charming Hand-Painted Tiles Of Goa You must Buy as Souvenir

Azulejos - is the tongue twister name of colorful tiles you see at many places in Goa. Azulejos is also spelled as Azulejo and Azulezoz. Especially, in old buildings. What if I told you...
Shell Window at an abandoned house in Assagao

Assagao, The Flower Village Of North Goa

Assagao - a valley village in North Goa is home to many wild berries, ancient trade roads and some of the most beautiful houses in Goa. Take a walk around the village to see the village life of Goa.
Yacht Ride

10 Reasons To Take A Yacht Ride In Goa – Explore Yachts in Goa

Yacht – Yes, the same Yacht that was first introduced in kindergarten when we said Y for Yacht. A Yacht ride in Goa! Yes. Here is a list of what you can do on Yachts...
Dudhsagar Waterfalls with a passing train

Best Places To Visit In South Goa Tourist Attractions

Places to visit in South Goa - There is no dearth of tourist attractions in South Goa. There are beaches, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, dams, hinterlands, heritage, museums, historical places and more. Allow me to share...
Colorful Boat Tripurari Purnima Goa

Dev Deepawali aka Tripurari Purnima, How Goa Celebrates!

Tripurari Purnima or Dev Deepawali celebrations by Goa Tourism - I saw this advertisement in the newspaper a couple of days before the full moon in November. The program sounded interesting, midnight boat festival on...
Church facade at Tiracol Fort

Tiracol Fort & Village – Garnishing The Northern Tip Of Goa

Tiracol Fort sits right on the northern tip of Goa. It is almost like the cherry that sits on top of a multi-layer cake. Layers here being created by multiple rivers that are running...
a little boy in mud at chikal kalo festival, Goa

Chikal Kalo, Monsoon Time Mud Festival Of Goa

Chikal Kalo is a local Goan festival – one of the many that you see only in Goa. It is celebrated on the 12th day of the month of Ashadh that roughly falls in...
Viva Bonderam Divar Island Goa

Viva Bonderam, Divar Island, Goa Monsoon Festival

Goans love to celebrate; they have a festival every now and then that allows them to indulge in song and dance. What can be a better time to celebrate when your harvest is swaying...
Aldona Cemetary

Aldona Goa – Most Beautiful Village In The World

Aldona in North Goa is a lovely village by the river Mapusa with a breathtakingly beautiful Cemetery, flanked by two bridges.

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