Shri Mahalasa Narayani Devi temple

Visiting Mahalasa Narayani Temple At Verna In Goa

Mahalasa Narayani Temple is one of the primary temples of Goa. I have visited the temple at Mardol in Ponda many times. It is...
Lai Rai Temple at Shirgao in Goa

Shirgaon Lairai Devi And The Seven Sisters Of Goa

Goa has more temples per capita than most other parts of India, contrary to its popular perception. Apart from the Goud Saraswat Temples that...
Landscape view of Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple, Paroda, Goa

Ancient Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple Atop A Hill In Goa

Chandreshwar Bhootnath temple is one of the oldest temples in Goa. This is a temple that lent its name to the ancient capital of...
Pre-Portuguese Goa

Pre-Portuguese Goa Conversation With Prajal Sakhardande

Anuradha: In Detours today we have Prof. Prajal Sakhardande, Professor of History at Dhempe college of Arts and Science in Goa. He is the...
Best Books on Goa to Read

14 Best Fiction And Non-Fiction Books On Goa

Goa is a dream destination for India as well as international travelers. One of the many dream things to do in Goa is to...
Herbs being sold at the Mapusa Market

Goa’s Favorite Mapusa Market Heritage Walk

Mapusa is one of the four major cities of Goa. It is the trading hub of North Goa since the olden days. People of...
Goa Hinterlands

Divar – Heritage And Nature Trail On River Island Of Goa

Divar Island is one of our favorite places for birding in Goa. It is one of the two river islands on Mandovi River in...
Someshwar Mahadev Temple in Curdi - the submerged village of Goa

Curdi – Goan Village That Appears Once A Year In May

Curdi was a living village till 1983. Since then it is a ghost village in making. It stays submerged in the waters of Salaulim...
Mallikarjuna Temple - Shristhal Canacona

Mallikarjuna Temple Canacona, Goa & It’s Shisha Ranni Festival

Mallikarjuna temple in Goa is located in the far south of the state in the Canacona district. It almost borders the state of Karnataka....
Popular Festivals of Goa

Festivals Of Goa Around The Year – A Travel Guide

Goa is a land of festivals. While festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, and Christmas are common to most of India, the state is home...

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