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A colorful tiled wall at Fontainhas

Exploring Fontainhas With Panjim Heritage Walk

What makes Goa distinct from the rest of India is that Portuguese culture has seeped in deep and became an integral part of this...
Sunset view enthusiasts waiting atop Chapora Fort Walls

Anjuna Beach – The Goa Beach With A Hippie Past

Anjuna is a small beach village in North Goa. Despite its fame and popularity with the tourists, it still remains a village minus the...
Surla Falls, Goa - off the Western Ghats

Monsoon Road Trip To Surla Falls, Goa – A Day Trip From Panaji

Surla Falls is on the edge of the western ghats bordering Goa and Karnataka state. Surla Waterfalls is also known as Sural Waterfalls and...
Flock of migratory Seagulls at beach, Goa

15 Best Places For Birding In Goa You Must Explore

Birding in Goa is our favorite pastime. We see birds everywhere, in the fields behind our home, in the villages not too far from...
Vegetable Market in his style wall murals

Mario Miranda Cartoons All Over In Goa

Mario Miranda is never far when in Goa. I have visited Goa off and on, sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure before destiny made it...
Souvenirs Goa

Top 20 Goa Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Goa

Goa Souvenirs is a way to take a bit of Goa with you back home. I know it is not possible to carry back...
Colorful Houses of Madgaon

Madgaon Heritage Walk – Walk Through Lovely Goan Houses

Madgaon – you probably hear this name when you have to come to Goa via train. It is Goa’s main railway station. It is...
Dudhsagar Waterfalls with Iconic Train passing scene

Dudhsagar Falls Trip To Most Beautiful Waterfall Of India

Dudhsagar Falls – the moment you hear these words, the visuals of trains passing through the falls come to your mind. Thanks to Bollywood....
Miramar Beach - Places to visit in Panjim

Places To Visit In Panjim, The Heart Of Goa

Panjim or Panaji, Goa has been home for me for the last few years. We tend to take our homes for granted, so did...
Azulejos, Goa

Azulejos – Charming Hand-Painted Tiles Of Goa

Azulejos - is the tongue twister name of colorful tiles you see at many places in Goa. Azulejos is also spelled as Azulejo and...

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