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Lights of Vasco Goa in the evening

Experience A Night Walk On Goa Beaches On A Full Moon Night

From the day I landed in Goa to make it my home, I wanted to do Night Walk On South Goa Beaches on a...
Earthen Pots that inspired many poets at Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum – Presenting Goa’s Ethnographic History

Located somewhere between Benaulim beach and Madgaon, in a quaint street in Goa Chitra – an ethnographic museum. That intends to show you life...
Boats at Moira Backwaters

Walk Through The Backwaters Of Moira Goa

I am always on the lookout for interesting walking trails in any city I live in or visit. We started doing it a bit...

Faces Of Viva Carnival 2015 At Panjim, Goa

Panaji Viva Carnival is a parade of floats that customarily begins with this float with King Momo declaring that in his reign people should...
White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flight

Sunday Shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle – Birding In Goa

Sunday shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flight White-bellied Sea Eagle This eagle is a predatory bird. Seen in small numbers along the sea coast, backwaters, and estuaries...
Purple Heron in-flight

Sunday Shot: Purple Heron In-flight, Birding In Goa

Purple Heron is larger in size compared to the most common Pond Herons. They have been sighted solitary, not so easily seen as they...
Slender-billed Gull bird in-flight

Sunday Shot: Slender Billed Gull – Birding In Goa

Flocks of these Slender-billed Gull look like a sprinkling of shiny silver particles in the sky from a distance, reflecting the sunshine. They can...
Black Kite bird-in-flight, Goa

Sunday Shot: Black Kite In-flight – Birding In Goa

We know it as a bird of prey, it is also called Black Kite. It is a fairly common bird. It can be often...
Brahminy Kite in-flight

Sunday Shot: Brahminy Kite In-flight – Birding In Goa

Brahminy Kite, a bird of prey, distinct from other kites with its characteristic white head and breast. It is usually seen flying over the...
Artifacts at Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

8 Reasons To Visit Anjuna Flea Market For Shopping In Goa

The Anjuna Flea Market by Anjuna beach is a symbolic remnant of the days of the Hippies in North Goa. When they would sell...

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