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White-throated Kingfisher in-flight

Sunday Shot: White-throated Kingfisher – Birding In Goa

Diving into the still waters of the Mandovi river at Malim jetty, this in-flight white-throated Kingfisher bird managed to catch a fish. And flew...
Little Egret in-flight

Sunday Shot: Little Egret In-flight – Birding In Goa

Little Egret bird (Egretta Garzetta) is a small white heron, also called yellow-footed egret. You may notice that the foot is yellow in color....
Utopia Dystopia Art Tree

Modern Art Project Utopia Dystopia A Recylced Artwork At Goa

Goa University is very generous – it opens up its visiting faculty programs to the general public and that too absolutely free of cost....
Rachol Seminary, Goa

Asia’s Largest Seminary – Rachol Seminary At Goa

When I was told about this seminary and the fact that it is the oldest seminary in Asia, I had no clue what a...
Caesar Weed Flower

Sunday Shot – Caesar Weed Flower, Wild Flowers In Goa

Caesar Weed Flower grows in abundance on the roadsides just after the monsoons in the villages of Goa. These beautiful pink flowers of the...
Common Kingfisher bird, Goa

Sunday Shot – Common Kingfisher, Birding In Goa

Perched atop an under-construction site iron rod, this common Kingfisher was trying to spot the fish in a stagnant water body created by rainwater....
Fishing Boat in the seas at golden hour, Goa

Sunday Shot – Fishing Boat, Miramar Beach Goa At Golden Hour

A fishing boat, sailing in the Arabian Sea in the evening as the sun goes down is an enchanting sight. Do not miss the...
Oriental Forget-me-not Butterfly

Sunday Shot – Oriental Forget-me-not Butterfly

At first thought, this beautiful purple-blue-silver-colored one looked like an insect. Some google search indicates it to be a butterfly called Oriental Forget-me-not butterfly...
Sunset time

Colva Beach, Goa – One Fine Evening Visit

Colva beach is the most popular among the south Goa Beaches. It is located a few kilometers south of Dabolim Airport. It is close to...
Indian Jezebel Butterfly

Sunday Shot: Indian Jezebel Butterfly – Photography

Indian Jezebel Butterfly also is known as common Jezebel. Its scientific name is Delias eucharis. Seen here sucking the juice of wildly growing Lantana...

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