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Landscape view of Hoysaleshwar Temple, Halebeedu

Halebeedu Hoysaleshwar Temple A Hoysala Marvel

Halebeedu or Halebidu is an important temple town, situated about 200 KMs from Bengaluru in Karnataka. It was the capital city of the Hoysala...
Lakshmi Devi Temple - Doddagaddavalli

11 Lesser Known Hoysala Temples Of Karnataka

The Hoysalas ruled around modern-day Karnataka from the 11th-13th century. They were great patronage of arts, literature, and religion. They are known for their...
Chennakeshava Temple Belur

Chennakesava Temple – Shining Jewel Of Belur, Karnataka

Belur is a small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka, situated on the banks of the Yagachi River, amidst lush surroundings. Also known...
Mattur Sanskrit Speaking Village of Karnataka

Mattur The Sanskrit Speaking Village Of Karnataka

Mattur has been on my wishlist since I first heard that all the people of this village can speak Sanskrit. Something that might have...
Vidyashankara Temple - Sringeri

Sringeri – The Temple Town Around Sharada Peetham

Sringeri gets its name from Rishi Shringya, son of Rishi Vibhandaka. In fact, the full name is RishiShringra Giri, Giri meaning mountain. The etymology...
Lord Lrishna Wooden Artwork

Top Bangalore Souvenirs To Buy – Shopping In Bengaluru

Bangalore gets all kinds of travelers – business travelers, heritage travelers, friends and family of the old and new residents. I am sure everyone...
Bamboo Masks as Coorg Souvenirs

Top Coorg Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Madikeri

Coorg district is a popular destination for travelers, particularly the weekenders from Bangalore. Can you really travel without bringing back a bit of the...
Bhagamandal or Bhagandeshwara temple landscape view

Talakaveri, Bhagamandala & Triveni Sangam – Coorg Attractions

Kaveri or Cauvery as the British spelled it, is the life-sustaining river of two major South Indian states. These days we hear Kaveri only...
Igguthappa Temple complex

Padi Igguthappa Temple – Meet The Presiding Deity Of Coorg

Padi Igguthappa Temple, dedicated to Igguthappa is the most important deity of Kodavas and Kul Devta of the of Kodagu or Coorg. In ancient...
Coffee Beans at Coffee Plantation in Coorg

Coffee Plantation Life At Coorg With Old Kent Estate

I wanted to live on a coffee plantation the first time I visited this area way back in 2004. However, an inaccessible way came...

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