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Indian Roller Bird Photography

Bird Photography At Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

A trip to National Parks enables you to explore stunning greenery & landscapes. The icing on the cake is sighting a few wild animals. There is an opportunity for enthusiasts to find a variety of birds &...
Kanha National Park

Listen To Kanha National Park Speak To Me

On the Eastern edge of Madhya Pradesh, almost bordering Chhattisgarh, Kanha National Park is a lovely jungle that gives you enough avenues to get lost in. Look at the options to feast on. The...
Tiger at Kanha National Park

Meeting Munna – Rock Star Tiger At Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

I have never been lucky enough to see the Tigers in their natural habitat during the wildlife safaris in India. And honestly, I was quite scared of being face to face with them. So...
Life history and heritage at Bandhavgarh National Park

History, Life Inside Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park – a national park must be a dense forest where only the wildest of the animals live. Is it not famous for its tigers that oblige most visitors with their Darshan?...
Ghughua fossil Park near Umaria in Madhya Pradesh

Meet Oldest Residents Of India At Ghughua Fossil Park, National Park

Every trip has a surprise hidden in its belly. In my MP trip this year, the surprise lay midway between Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park. What I thought was a pit stop, turned...
Bandhavgarh National Park beyond tigers

Bandhavgarh National Park Wildlife Beyond The Tigers

Bandhavgarh National Park is best known for tiger sightings. Being a small national park with a fair number of tigers, tiger sightings here are almost guaranteed. In fact, we were told that you have...
Moonlit Denwa Backwaters

Jeep Safari At Satpura National Park – Madhya Pradesh Tourist Places

Sipping steaming hot tea with views of Moonlit Denwa river backwaters is likely to make a great beginning for a day set aside for exploring nature at its best. Imagine soon you are going...

5 Ways To Explore Forests Of Satpura National Park

Poet Bhawani Prasad Mishra described the Satpura forests as dense but sleepy. I think I agree with him, the forests are sleepy. Full of vines and spiders but today maybe there are not as...
Microbeads Jewelry Bangles and Bracelets from Jhabua

Jhabua’s Microbeads Jewelry – Madhya Pradesh Tribal Festivals

I traveled to Jhabua last year for Bhagoria festival. On an evening stroll, we went to an artist shop who makes this microbeads jewelry in vibrant colors. Now I have seen this in many...
Premlata - Lady Tourist Guide in Orccha

Lady Tourist Guide In Orchha – Living Fort City Of Madhya Pradesh

Her name was Premlata, a lady tourist guide. We met her at Orchha when we reached the gates of the palace there. Many guides came to us offering their services. She was also one...

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