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Boita Bandana celebrations in Cuttack

Boita Bandana – Kartika Purnima in Odisha

Boita Bandana is celebrated in the lunar month of Kartika in Odisha.  It falls roughly in the months of October and November. Kartika ushers in...
Keluni Muhana or Estuary

7 Day Prachi Parikrama Of Prachi River In Odisha

“ In India rivers are worshipped as a mother, matru upasana. Respect to rivers is respect to water as without water there is no...
Baitarani River at Jajpur

History, Heritage and Legends of Jajpur in Odisha

India is an ancient land. This means it has regions that have been continuously inhabited since proto-historic times to our present times. While we...
Chhatia Bata Temple in Odisha

Chhatia Bata Temple – Harbinger of Satya Yuga

Chhatia Bata is a unique temple located in the village of Chhatia, midway between the towns of Jajpur and Cuttak.  On the face of...
Landscape view of the Lingaraja temple

Lingaraja Temple at Bhubaneshwar – Kalinga Architecture Masterpiece

My first introduction to Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneshwar was during my course on Indian Art at National Museum. In a lecture on the North...
Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh Paddy craft artifacts at Tribal Museum Bhubaneshwar

Visit Odisha State Tribal Museum At Bhubaneshwar

Every destination we visit, museums are also on the list of places to visit apart from the local specialties and attractions. So did our...
Popular Odisha street food Khaja a sweet dish on display at Puri Car Street

Must Savour Vegetarian Street Foods In Odisha

Odisha is the land of Shri Jagannath. As per legend Shri Hari takes bath in Rameshwaram, has his Shringaar in Dwarka, takes food in...
Toran and landscape view of the Muktesvara temple

Bhubaneshwar – History Of The Heritage City of India

“Of all the regions on earth, Bharata Khand is the most distinguished. And of all the countries of Bharata Khand, Utkala boasts the highest...
Radha Krishna riding on an intricatley painted Elephant

Visit Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum In Bhubaneshwar

The Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum is one of the best modern-day museums showcasing the best of the heritage arts and crafts of Odisha....
Jagannath Subhadra Balbhadra

Must See Things In Puri, Odisha – Temples, Tirthas, Math

Puri is one of the most important pilgrimage places in India, located on the east coast, overlooking the Bay of Bengal. It is the...

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